The Forest At Night

The forest at night

I’m awake at three and

Catch the forest awake, too,

Flooded with harvest moon light.

I live in a forest, a real forest, where bears might come on the deck and look like they are peering right into your soul. Here in the forest, a mess of trees grow haphazardly and without restraint.

The Harvest Moon lights up the trees

The trees are red logs

Reaching up to the moon’s voice

Dancing in delight.

Here in the forest at night, there are no sounds of traffic or parties and there are no smells of chemicals or plants. The wind is filtered through a canopy of trees and animals run free, unseen by people but heard by other the other creatures.

The moon is a miniature sun shining through the trees.

Harvest moon let me dance 
Under your soft white light
And bathe in the beams
Of this enchanted night.

Writing by Sharilee Swaity. All rights reserved.