Developmentally mindful ways to manage the stay-at-home paradigm.

  1. Realize It’s Not the Same

A key difference between distance learning and the school environment is the length of the day. The American school day is not actually designed around child attention spans and capacities for learning. It is designed to align with adult work schedules. That means there is a lot of padding with meaningful, developmentally appropriate extra-curricular content that IS good for kids — but also that fills the day. In addition, any educator will tell you that the school day includes a lot of transitions between activities, moving classrooms, fun time, calming down time, eating, playing ……

An interest in reparative justice and social justice doesn’t negate the ethics of jury duty.

That interest adds, however, to the heaviness of one’s heart.

It’s kind of like a reality TV show, to be honest. Starting out in a sea of people. Checking them out as competitors and possible companions. Though, in this case, it’s something of a reverse-win because almost everyone has their fingers crossed that they will be dismissed.

Walking into the giant room — which takes up most of one full floor of a skyscraper — one can’t help but notice that the sea of faces does not quite resemble the demographics of our city. …

Emboldened, (In) The Face of Hostility: An Annotated Moment

I’ve been thinking a lot this week about the intense experiences of my friends and family with brown skin — with lineage crossing continents and hemispheres, but nonetheless connected through love, degrees of separation, and vulnerability in our hostile national climate. A dear friend of my-own-dear-friend shared this week “a rather traumatic experience” at a local Costco. Something about the description of this moment conveyed everything that I’ve been wanting to say. I have used footnotes as a way to comment without interrupting the original story, which I use with permission:

Shari Nacson, Clinical Social Worker

Mom, freelance editor, nonprofit consultant, and child development specialist who believes in the power of human connection.

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