The Art of the Real — Take Charge of Your Spiritual Brain
Jack Preston King

After reading this post, I went to your book, In Defense of Magical Thinking, in my Kindle library. In true synchronistic fashion, I had bookmarked this exact chapter! That’s how magical life is, when we open our minds to it.

I have been studying the Law of One for several months. Having been a rather haughty avowed atheist for the last couple of decades, LOO has opened my mind and my spirit to the realization that we are all individual sparks of God.

Earth is a 3rd Density school — a holographic, fractal-based illusion that we co-create with God so God can expand love and light in the universe. We are here to learn how to love self and other: All humans choose a role to play of either positive or negative polarity that offers a mirror to other in that spiritual quest of “coming home” to the One True Divine Love/Light Light/Love.

Earth and humanity are currently experiencing the lead-up to an ascension (called “harvest”) into 4th Density for those of us spiritually ready to live in a world that is, according to the Law of One and other reputable sources, one hundred times more harmonious than this world. Those who are not ready will either go to another 3rd Density, Earth-like planet to work off their karma of negative polarity, or stay on this Earth and repeat another karmic life cycle.

The main praxis for those working toward harvest and ascending into 4th or even 5th Density is 1) practicing radical forgiveness of self and other, 2) releasing victim mentality, and 3) seeing God in self, other, and every thing, plant, animal, mineral, the wind, etc., including seeing negative experiences as catalysts for spiritual growth in unity, love, light, and joy.

We are truly magical beings in a magical universe, with Higher Density (6D and up) guardians ready to assist us if only we ask.

These are my thoughts on a Sunday morning before I get to go play music (i.e., make magic!) at a local winery with my awesome husband and our bass player friend!

I so greatly appreciate you, Jack, and all your fabulousness that you share with the world!