Wag the dog comes to life
Michael Greiner, PhD, JD

Michael, great post! I love reading your words. A couple of things I want to share.

First, I agree that Trump’s supporters are afraid — of black and brown people and women taking over their society and taking away their privileged status. Since the days of slavery in the USA, politicians and other powerful white men have been telling poor whites that they will always be better than the black man. Whether it was giving property loans or jobs or other perks to whites over blacks, it is in the DNA of white people that people of color are not deserving of the same preferential treatment.

Second, there is a growing group of people who believe there is culminating now a deadly fight for the soul of humanity between the Alliance (“white hats”) and the Cabal (“dark forces”), and that Trump was chosen to politically shake up the world and allow the Alliance to advance in its take-down of the Cabal. I’m just saying. Big proponent of this belief are Collective Evolution and folks like David Wilcock.

Their rationale is that even a seriously flawed human being can be helpful toward a goal of collective human evolution; that Hilary Clinton is so deeply involved in nefarious activities (really bad stuff, not just shady email use and financial stuff); and that Trump was/is the ideal person to reflect back to the nation and to the world how asleep we’ve been to the depraved, heretofore undercover activities of the Cabal. There is much more to their story — including insider information that tens of thousands of sealed indictments will be unsealed and result in mass arrests — and I do not want to minimize their earnest arguments and evidence.

I’m not saying I believe this (I am personally doing all I can to refrain from harboring the feeling of utter disgust that I can so easily have for Trump’s character), but it is a riveting notion with regard to the “veil” of our human “reality”. I would love to hear your thoughts on this spiritual perspective of our collective drama.