030 To Dionysus

Dionysus, come to me.
I long for your mad embrace,
The tart-sweet taste of your lips,
The relentless rhythm your dancing feet.

You fill me like a cup,
Overflowing with springtime rain,
Washing away both fear and shame,
Liberation within your libations.

And yet, I fear you, capricious
God. I know you bring abandon—
Wild, animal, and free—
As easily as inspiration.

So come to me, Dionysus
And teach me how to fall
Even when I do not know
If I will land within your arms

Or upon the loamy earth.
Either way, I will take your
Outstretched hand, drink deep
And rejoin your ecstatic dance.

For I know that your rhythm
Beats on, the sweet rain still falls,
The earth brings forth new life
And you will come to me once more,

Dionysus, to raise me up again.

Photo by Alex Iby on Unsplash.

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