Reality Creating Equipment

VR is the last computing platform: every other computing platform can be simulated in software in virtual reality: but computing platforms aren’t in themselves that compelling.

The most obvious use cases of virtual reality are new ways to communicate and new kinds of entertainment: but new ways to do old things are kind of boring.

Will VR enable fundamentally new things, or is it just going to improve what we already know?

When VR gets good enough, people might start to feel like what we call regular reality today was just picked arbitrarily. That perception and experience are what makes reality real. Perfect virtual reality makes virtual worlds “real”. When virtual worlds become real, crazy things happen.

Virtual worlds are no longer a form of escapism, but alternate universes. You’re not just pretending to be a wizard. You are a wizard, just somewhere else.

Material scarcity is a constraint of our current physical reality. What would you do if you had an infinite supply of Lego blocks? Material privilege only exists in VR if you want it to.

Once reality creating hardware becomes commoditized, the kinds of perceptual experiences people can have will be the same regardless of socioeconomic background.

You won’t just be able to experience anything: with good enough software, you’ll be able to create anything. You can create and live in the reality you want. Ultimate self actualization for every individual!