Led by ex-Amazon leaders, Veeve is redefining the future of in-store shopping

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Products are instantly recognized when placed in the cart so customers can skip the checkout line and pay for their items by just walking out.

The cart’s touch screen acts as a personal shopper, recommending products and presenting relevant offers in real time as the customer walks down store aisles while also guiding customers to locate products using built-in store navigation.. Customers can even order items online via the cart’s screen if they can’t find what they want in-store. Customers can save time by ordering pre-packaged items online and let store associates have their cart ready so customers only spend time picking up items they prefer to hand-pick, like meats and produce.

The three most common frustrations customers face in-stores are the long checkout lines, locating the products they want to buy and lack of personalized offers. Veeve’s platform solves these challenges by seamlessly combining digital and physical shopping experiences. Veeve helps retailers build strong loyalty programs and get new insights on customer preferences and purchase patterns that can improve the customer experience and drive new purchase behavior.

Shariq, Veeve’s CEO and a former Amazon product leader said, “as retailers evaluate cashier-less tech they have an opportunity to redefine the entire shopping experience — not just checkout. Veeve offers retailers an inexpensive yet scalable solution that can deploy quickly without making significant changes to the store infrastructure.”

The system is live in a grocery store in the Seattle region and the company is getting ready to embark on a bigger rollout. Retailers attending GroceryShop 2019 in Las Vegas can check out their product at the event.

Learn more: https://www.veeve.io/

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CEO & Co-founder of Veeve.io | Serial Entrepreneur | Ex-Amazon

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