There exist those who deny being Denial

There is a strange personality trait that is highly unusual for those educated, but, sometimes it becomes most dominant. I call it an obscure denial complex. Obscure not for me, but for those who are in that mode of deniability. These people are deep down inferior and they never encounter that personality of theirs because they fear developing an Identity crisis. They are forever comfortable with living with a fake, self-created, identify of theirs. They falsely presume that they hold an identity, congruent to their conscience, but that identity is “only” manufactured by the factory of their untrained mistaken brain and is motivated by the enigma of denial. They are cynic, not just critical, never a constructive critic, they are just cynical, absolutely cynical. They are so pessimistic that they can even find faults in the best of situations of their lives. Such people end up having least true friends in the best case, or Just NO friends in the normal case scenario.

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They mistakingly hunt perfection all their life and assume everyone in their vicinity to be inferior. Unfortunately, the only and most important place they fail to wander is within their own self. They are irritated, round the year, they complain, never find solutions, and they totally forget that the worst person they face every day is their own selves. They have a huge trust deficit, they doubt everyone, every plan, every situation, everything that comes their way, but unfortunately, they never begin their doubt from their own self. They procrastinate infinitely, timelessly, unnecessarily and they never draw a sketch that is implementable or practical to the least. They never introspect, to the max, they pretend to have introspected. Under severe mentorship, they may introspect and find faults within oneself, but they will never act. They will never course correct. They lose their mentors, as getting disillusioned by such people is very natural and happens very quickly.

Such people are also awkwardly ambitious, wanting to do everything, being the richest, most influential, most aware, but will never do anything to be rich, aware, influential or successful. They also struggle to keep company with the best people around, but they will never ask their own selves for why should those best people stay with them? They really never want to face the tough questions, never, even once! Their life’s guiding principle is “Ignorance is Bliss”. They wouldn’t however ever admit being ignorant.
For them, every second person is a transport, that will take them through the day, make their day good, and bring out the best in them. They can never contribute to the society, however, they would always claim to be wanting to make a difference. The Transversal Line of their life only bisects the parallels of their life, one representing ends, one means, and those parallels won’t ever meet; and those affected with obscure denial complex knows that for a fact, hence, they never, never ever trust their capabilities or develop those, rather, they use a transport, to help them sail through.

They can never be alone, and they are very lonely even when they sit in a group of hundreds because they have nothing to contribute intellectually, sociologically, or in any means whatsoever. They fear, their own self so much that they never ever encounter or meet their selves.
They are full-time escapists and utilise every opportunity to dodge a challenging situation. They fear working hard, they fear risks, they are forever in complaint mode and they look for shortcuts.
How do you identify a patient of obscure denial complex?

Ah! Don’t worry, they expose themselves, real quick.