Paul Graham is Still Asking to be Eaten
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

This is pure name calling, “hey, you’re a fag”. Count the number of times the author wrote “Paul Graham” and “people like Paul Graham”. Rather than coming up with an intelligent and reasoned critique, the author just came up with “ok, I can’t argue well so here some trolling”. Author’s understanding of economics is also naive, Candy Crush Saga’s market value is not determined by P.Graham or any other venture capitalist, it is determined by more than 500 million people who downloaded and played it. I haven’t read as substance less critique as this one, everything from personal attacks to name calling and what not. At max, it is a click-bait article. Also, one couldn’t get the point that is it Paul Graham’s acting as an essayist that the author is more concerned about or his particular stances on inequality.