The Unfair Advantage.

We know how unfair it is to see people who are blessed with things we can’t have. It drains down our confidence and belief in the world. At times, system appears inhuman and unfair. The unfair advantage can often hit back at you.

Nonetheless, Here are the four unfair advantage I feel a person can hold.

Good Looks

The world basically will treat you differently and more often than not, it will treat you rather well. Good looks can get away with almost everything as people are more likely to listen to you, want to help you out, generally treat you better, be kinder, you can get stuff for free here and there and partners may/will “invest” a lot more in you as they try to date you.

The Good Looks also comes with a trade off. You’ll be attracting a lot of unwelcome crowd and unwanted attention. People inappropriately hit on you and will care less about knowing you. Being attractive has its benefits. But I don’t think it makes anything easier in life. People will always make assumptions. You’re more likely to be defamed and targeted.


I learned this when I suffered from depression. I’ve also had some close friends that have suffered. I think of that condition as the disappearance of motivation. Sadly, it is often interpreted by others as laziness. It isn’t; it is an illness that can be treated and cured.

In depression, you’ll cry, lose friends, sleep more, gain weight, lose self confidence, be suicidal, lose interest on things you love to do. To induce temptation, we need Motivation.

Now that I am recovered, I cherish the fact that I want to accomplish things; I want to engage, produce, to help, to do things. To be determined, we need a motive to be enthusiastic. Motivation is never to be taken for granted.

Being Born at the Right Place

No one who is born has control over this. You might be born within the right household, the right values and get the right education. if you are born in a developed western country, you are better off than 2/3 of the rest of the world. These countries have a fairly large middle class, and being born within them, almost guarantees that you are unlikely to ever want for food, reasonable education, shelter, welfare and medical aid.

You’re the product of genetics and upbringing. Two factors that are entirely out of your control.

Being born in an educated family gives you the upper hand to learn etiquette, polite behaviour, good manners and an assurance of a college degree.

Intelligence/Charm/EQ/Public Speaking

The power of being able to relate well/inspire/charm people is arguably the best unfair advantage there is. You can seduce beautiful partners, move or work upwards in your career in an easier fashion as you can increase your “social fluidity” just by simply interacting with people, convince them to give you money, etc.

People who can tell stories well are attractive and have a control over the crowd. When they speak, It’s in a strong measured voice, a relaxed tone and their words are well-chosen. Even they are classy but understated appearance seems to fixate everyone around them.

As his voice and gestures indicate he’s nearly finished speaking, you feel inspired by him. Charisma is the ability to positively influence others by connecting with them physically, emotionally and intellectually.

It’s what makes people like you and enjoy being around you… even when they don’t know much about you.

Just because you may not have an advantage over someone does not mean you’ll not be victorious. It does not promise you a good life handed to you. But, an easier pathway to that life. You can always learn skills, surround yourself with great people and build.

I will not sugarcoat. Life is Unfair. The Sooner you know, the better off you will be.

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