Turn your Left out Office Space into a Coworking Space.

This is something we’ve been rattling around our mind. We’ve been running a co-working space for the past four years, the Valley.

The Valley has got its fair share of success. We started out with the motive to create a diverse and startup friendly environment and we were pretty much able to do it. Over the past four years, A lot of startups moved out of our space because to scale. We started off with a small space at a very central location (Banjarahills, Hyd).

A small space was able to cater to a lot of early stage startups. Our space is more suitable for Hustlers, Freelancers and Early stage startups. We wanted to keep the place much more than just an office space, so we tried our hands on to conduct meetups and chill out sessions.

To talk just a little about The Valley: One of the startup moved out of the valley and turned into a million dollar company. The other company was selected in an International Incubation program (Startup Chile). Multiple startups moved out to scale. Not to forget, the countless community events that added value.

One thing is pretty clear, in these four years we’ve grown more than a brand, The Valley is no longer just a coworking space. We’ve made a place where any person can walk-in with a desire to learn, create and contribute to the better part of society. It’s where “The Magic” Happens. And a big advantage for Early Stage Startups.

There’s one thing we’ve found while growing The Valley. There are a lot of coworking spaces popping off every month. We got a little curious on why there was a sudden rise. It turns out, it’s just easy to start one and there is pretty darn demand for affordable space in the city.

A lot of startups in an effort to sell off their extra space or seats turn themselves into a coworking space. Wait just a second! So, now all these startups with extra space will eventually turn their office into coworking space? That’s what the trend has been lately.

From one of our Hackathon

Here’s something people who are doing it don’t understand. Coworking space is not the space you sell. It’s the brand, community and network. And, that’s why most of the people who are trying to sell seats are failing. On the other hand, we receive a lot of calls and emails regarding space every day. Our original space is fully occupied, We ran out of capacity to host any more startups. But, those calls and need for space doesn’t stop. Our phone and email always get flooded with requirement.

Think about it, Starting your own coworking space and then putting an effort to promote it. Not an easy task at all. Here’s where we come into scene to help.

One Word “Franchise”. Instead of starting something of your own. You can bring appearance under our name, which is already established and has a presence of four years online and offline. We don’t want to charge any expensive fee or restrict movements. Just few standards to follow. Just to be clear, We cater to Early Stage startups, Freelancers, Mid-size companies.

Our Standards to meet aren’t that complex. We have a pretty solid foundation. You don’t worry about getting customers, We do!

If you’re having a space where you think you can turn it into a coworking space. Do get in Touch.

Contact me at: sharjeelsidd808@gmail.com or Call at +91–800–879–9756

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