Turn your Left out Space into a Coworking Space

Thinking of starting a coworking space but don’t know how?

Don’t sweat it! We’ve got you covered.

The latest trend across the startup scene has been for startups and small companies to sell out their extra space and seats in an effort to balance financials. However, simply providing space is not enough to be a successful coworking venture. Many of these companies are failing to fill their spaces and turning to other means. So what makes the Valley different?

Four years ago, we were in diapers. The idea of coworking was brand new and revolutionary. We were nervous but we couldn’t help but claim our stake in it. Since then we have grown tremendously. We have been the hotspot for many of Hyderabad’s successful startups. Companies such as Unwiredlabs and CloudBoost are making leaps. Cloudboost has turned part of our space into a space that runs on international time thanks to its adoption by StartupChile.

Personal recommendations from our clients have brought impressive new names into our space and we haven’t left a single startup disappointed. Our client base continues to grow beyond our current capacity and the demand for more space is ever increasing. In an attempt to meet the high demand for our space, we here at The Valley have been playing around with the idea of franchising.

There’s one thing we’ve found while growing The Valley. There are a lot of coworking spaces popping off every month. We got a little curious on why there was a sudden rise. It turns out, it’s just easy to start one and there is pretty darn demand for affordable space in the city.

Franchising generally involves three ends: the space, the brand and the clientele. We have already taken care of two ends for you! The only thing that you need to have is empty space.

When you consider the Apple vs. Samsung battle, who wins? Both. Regardless of numerous other phone companies trying to make their mark, Apple and Android stay at the forefront of this race.

Now, why is that?

Branding. These companies have existed from the beginning of the smartphone revolution and have reached a level of quality that cannot be imitated. We were there when coworking was just beginning to knock on the door of the startup scene. And now, we have established ourselves as the niche of success. Our success to fail ratio stands proudly at 1:0. For every successful company, we have zero failures. Ask anyone with experience coworking. Our presence both online and offline in the last four years has given us quite the reputation. We are a name that is well and alive in Hyderabad’s dynamic startup community.

Working as a franchise for The Valley means that we tie your shoes for you. You just have to put them on. We have an existing client base and new clients wanting to use our space every day. Our clients become your clients. They are referred to our franchise offices as per the company requirements and travel distances.

“That sounds good and well, but what about the ridiculous amounts of royalties and rules that franchising involves,” you ask.

We understand our clients. We understand that as startups and small businesses, most of the money made goes back into making your product better and more accessible to the greater community. We have your back. Franchising with The Valley doesn’t mean zeroing out on your bank balance. Nor does it mean restricting the way you handle your space. We like to keep it simple. There are a few minimal guidelines and a basic fee structure that would make any grown up kid smile like they just ate a happy meal.

For those of you that have space and share our passion for laying the foundation for the startup revolution, do get in touch with us. And for those of you who want to know more about who we are before committing, head over here: http://thevalley.in