Shark Season Begins…

Eli Martinez
Jan 11, 2015 · 4 min read

Well we are about to hit the 2nd week of the new year…and it’s a week of packing and prepping. I have a two month road trip of shark madness coming up. Well not really madness, but I will be chasing sharks for two month’s straight to kick off the 2015 shark season. Which I am doing with a mix of emotions... I am not happy about having to leave home, I truly hate that and it is always so hard. But I am also excited about getting back out into the water and hopefully learning new shark behaviors. I have always known that for me to really understand sharks and shark behavior, I need to spend solid time out there with them. Of course I am referring to time with the sharks of Tiger Beach. And I am happy to say for one solid month I will be out there with them. Learning, studying and documenting new moments and memories. The second month will be a mix of sailfish chasing bait balls, bull sharks in Mexico and great hammerheads off Bimini island.

This season, I am going to try something new. I will be filming each and every dive — every day that I am out there. I started doing that in December, 2014 on our final trip of the season, which was at Tiger Beach, combo’ed with the first trip of the season to Bimini for great hammerheads, I did it using a Gopro chest cam only though. Some cool results, but it is a limited view of what is happening down there. So this year I am going to try filming it from several angles. To see what behaviors I can capture. The majority of it will be totally useless but I am also sure I will also capture some gems as well.

I am also going to be blogging once a week, for the rest of this year. It will hard when I am on the road with limited internet access, but I will find a way to get a post up for you guys. And when I am in the office — I will be trying to post twice a week. These blogs and the reports I will be sharing will be a much more personal view of my world. A lot of it may be boring (so I appologize in advance for that)and it will be a mix of both written and video blogs.

What I am trying to do is document life as a professional Shark Diver and the people that are a part of this world. It is what I wanted to do when we filmed Summer of the Sharks, back in 2006. I wanted to cature a true portrait of what this life is like. But when we brought in a production team to help us, the final product was not really what I had envisioned and the story was told with the hope of getting it broadcasted on TV. Which I know is important for business, but I was never quite happy with the final result. I know I have said in the past that I would be writing weekly blogs but time / travel, and the funk of life got the best of me and I did not commit to it. 2014 was the year to do it too. I was on the road for 26 weeks. Half the year and experiencing so many great things. A lot of highs and lows. From filming the TV show that I hosted to losing a fellow brother. It was a crazy year.

This year I only have about 17 weeks of travel scheduled, so not as bad. But it will give me more time to post thoughts and create videos for new behaviors I observe. Plus I will be able to spend more time diving in my own backyard (the Gulf of Mexico) to see what I can find out there? I am proud to say that my wingman for these adventures will be my son David, now that he is a dive master, I will be bringing him out with me more often to help me document this season. Should be a lot of fun. I took him out with me to a few places last season; sevengills in California, crocs off Banco Chinchorro and whale sharks off Isla Mujeres. He spent all of 2014 living in Playa del Carmen, MX working with Phantom Divers getting seasoned, so he will be ready for this year. I will begin with introducing him to the sharks of Tiger Beach and I am thrilled to death with that.

Anyway, stay tuned. I will be putting out one more blog later this week as I prep for the upcoming adventure. I am pretty excited about sharing this with you all. The highs and lows, the headaches and heartaches, the people we meet and the fun we have. It should be an amazing season and I hope you guys enjoy it. Of course, I also hope that these blogs do more than just entertain you (or put you to sleep), I hope they will also inspire you to go out into the world…help share the sharks message, and hopefully to travel, dive and create your own stories. Who knows, maybe we will bump into each other out in the world somewhere? If we do, the first round is on me!

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