Snow Day, time to catch up on where I have been

Eli Martinez
Mar 8, 2015 · 4 min read

Notes from a Shark Junkies Journal.

Snow day on Bimini…man I am so behind on my blogging. I started out really good this year, but its been a blur of one trip after the other and writing blogs has gotten away from me. It is hard when your out in the world. The water time with the sharks and the craziness that goes with it can wear you down, mentally and emotionally — and before I knew it, I find myself weeks behind on sharing these stories with you all. Which is something I swore to myself I wouldn’t do this year. So sorry about that…but here is a quick recap on where I was and my year so far;

  • (Jan. 17 — Feb. 16) I spent 4 weeks straight, (on liveaboards) during January and February diving Tiger Beach and Bimini island, working those spots. Diving (each week) three days with tigers and three days with great hammerheads. We had some crazy weather days during this time, but we still managed to deliver what we promised and we had tigers and hammerheads every week. I learned a lot from the sharks on these trips. They are amazing animals and it has been so much fun being out there with them. A highlight of these trips was hanging out with my son David and teaching him how to feed tigers and great hammerheads. A special time for me.
  • (Feb 16–21) I was home for 4 full days, enough time to wash gear, home repairs, work on emails and our website. I also snuck in sometime to visit an elementary school for a shark presentation. We shared the sharks story with over 500 kids. Such an amazing thing to do, watching kids and teachers that once feared sharks change to loving sharks is a great feeling. Really love doing those. We have reached over 1,000 kids so far this year. I also presented at a school in January before I left for the Bahamas.
  • (Feb. 21–27) I flew to Cancun, Mexico to bring a group, for a week chasing sailfish hunting baitballs with Solo Buceo, and a couple of days diving with the bulls off Playa del Carmen with Phantom Divers.
  • (Feb. 27 — March 1) I left Cancun and flew to Key West for the weekend. I was invited by my buddy Jeff Meadows to speak at an attorney workshop on Social Media Marketing. It went really well, a nice turn out. I learned a lot and hope to do more of these types of events. I will for sure improve on my presentation for the next one.
  • (March 1–7) I left Key West and flew to Bimini for a week of great hammerhead diving with Vin and Debbie of Epic Diving. Also recorded an interview with Alberto Friscione for his show on Travel Channel (Mexico). Which was great because we were able to talk about the plight of sharks and how organized shark dives are helping to change how people feel about sharks. Love those kind of interviews.

So that is how I have spent this year so far. I am currently on Bimini for one more week of diving. Today is our first day and the weather has gone to hell. But the forecast looks good for the rest of the week. It just sucks that our group that is with us has to sit out on their first day of diving. I always hate when that happens. Just builds up the pressure of needing to get the sharks for everyone. I am never relaxed until that first shark shows up to say hi.

After this trip, I have a quick three day trip back to Cancun and then I am home for 6 weeks before I head out again, this time we head to Cat Island, Bahamas for a week diving with oceanic whitetips. Can’t wait for that. The great thing is it will give me time to catch up on family time, more blogs ( a few video blogs as well) and possibly schedule a minimum of 6 school presentations before we head out again. (I already have two lined up, 4 to go). Hope to visit the school on Cat island when I am there as well? I have a goal of sharing the sharks story with a minimum of about 25,000 kids before the end of this year. A crazy goal for me, due to my schedule…but hey it’s been a crazy year.

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