CHEAP ASS WINE REVIEW: Broadbent Vinho Verde Rosé

Image Credit: Broadbent

Because most people are too broke and tired to be pretentious.

And now it’s time for my first ever


In which I review affordable wine using mostly only words that normal non-pretentious humans would use.

Name: Broadbent Vinho Verde Rosé

Cost: $7–12

Rating: Infinitely drinkable by anyone. Even wine haters.

Good for:

*People who like rosé but want to try one that is even better.

*People who normally hate rosé, or who recently went through a breakup with rosé, but are open to taking it back if it has really done some work on itself.

*People who don’t know how they feel about rosé but like well balanced, crisp, dry, white wines.

*People who like things that are like kinda bubbly but not really bubbly. And also have a lot of depth. Like Abby from NCIS.

*People who just ❤ Portugal.

*People who kinda actually hate wine but really like dry sodas or cranberry juice + soda water.

Bad for:

*People who don’t drink, obviously.

*People who shouldn’t drink but still do (yo, therapy is rad folks!)

*People who are too snobby to drink pink wine.

*People who want their wine to be so deeply red and tannic it tastes like drinking a blended up oak barrel.


Slightly bubbly. Totally not sweet at all. (I know, GASP! A rosé that doesn’t taste like boozy kool-aid, infinite sugar, and kale).

Has enough punch to the flavor that you can totally pair it with flavorful food and not drown out the deliciousness. Pair this bitch with some salmon or a nice chicken salad or just pair it with your evening of hanging out alone and binging Netflix. Basically just replace your La Croix with this. It seems like a decent life choice.

Has a pretty badass finish. The flavor hangs out in your mouth for decently long amount of time, and doesn’t leave a nasty aftertaste. So, almost, but not quite, entirely unlike if How I Met Your Mother was a wine. A lot of strawberry, cherry, and citrus notes. Some low key minerality and herbaciousness (which is a fancy way of saying it tastes a bit like licking a rock slathered in fruit and grass. But in, like, an enjoyable way).

Anyways, totally would recommend this. I am currently pairing it with potato chips and some good music.

(If you enjoyed this cheap ass wine review, let me know and I’ll keep doing them. If not I’ll go back to drinking wine just for me).

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