A pattern that I observe in myself, as well as in others around me, is that we oftentimes go a long time on autopilot; simply reacting to everything around us without taking a moment to stop and process. We are running from one thing to the other, like busy bees, never taking the time to clearly identify our thoughts, feelings, sensations, and energy. Acknowledging them, and sometimes fixing that which is broken.

We oftentimes forget to Stop and Process: take the time to clearly identify our thoughts, feelings, sensations, and energy. Acknowledge them, and sometimes fix that which is broken.

What am I thinking NOW?

A lot of folks asked me how I invest in Crypto-currencies. This post outlines my approach to Crypto-Investing, the theory behind it, and the basics that anyone who wants to invest in Crypto should understand.

I’m also introducing my portfolio which I’m coining the Crypto Couch Potato Portfolio. In a nutshell the portfolio takes the concept of the passive Index investing that Warren Buffet recommended his successors follow, and extrapolates that to Crypto therefore assuming the long term growth and prosperity of the Crypto market.

It is true that the Crypto-space is crazy, volatile, risky, and has some scammers, but…

It is still early days, very early days, I have not played PokemonGo yet (I’m in Canada, I’m lazy, and don’t feel like going outside today) but I see the potential and it is huge…

Update July 13Pokemon Go Driving insane foot traffic

Here are 10 ways different parties can benefit and make money out of the PokemonGo movement:

(Feel free to steal any/all of the below, free of charge, I won’t sue you, just drop me a note if you do so, let me know if you are successful. …

The other day I was watching an oldie but goodie Ted talk titled How to live to be 100+ by Dan Buettner when I stumbled upon a Japanese concept: Ikigai (生き甲斐).

For those of us who don’t speak Japanese I looked up its meaning and according to Google Translate Ikigai is the ‘Salt of life’. Well, that got me intrigued! Further googling landed me on a Wikipedia article about Ikigai. According to Wikipedia Ikigai is a Japanese concept meaning “a reason for being”. To quote the Wikipedia Entry:

Everyone, according to the Japanese, has an ikigai. Finding it requires a…

So in part 1 we talked about why you should invest and basic finance concepts. In this part we will cover the basics of Canada’s tax system from an investing perspective.

Canada’s Tax System

Before we get into the details let’s hit a few important points:

  • The information presented here may change at any time however this is the current state as of Jan 20th 2016. For more information on Canada’s taxes and all taxes please consult Canada Revenue Assurance Agency (CRA) website.
  • There are many types of taxes that you will have to pay and deal with during your lifetime in Canada…

I initially thought I can cover the topic of investing in one blog post and yet here I am 4000 words and one week later I’m not even close to being done. Therefore I decided to break this topic down into a blog post series and this will be the first post in the series.

Before we start the series let me make one thing clear:

I’m not a financial advisor. I am sharing my personal strategy that I formulated based on my learning, research and experience. The purpose of this post will be to tell you why you should…

The previous post discussed Credit in general, credit score, and credit history. This post is going to get into the details of Credit cards, where to apply, what type of credit card is best, and especially talk about people on Work permit or who have a social Insurance number starting with 9. While the advice in this post is general and applies anywhere in Canada, the Credit Card recommendations (which banks and which credit cards) applies more specifically to Toronto or to Ontario in general since other provinces may have other credit card providers that I’m not fully aware off.

“Sorry Sir! It looks like you have been declined for a credit card. You might want to call them and check why you have been rejected. Have a nice day!

I could not believe it! It was my 3rd or 4th time applying for a credit card in Toronto. The cashier made others wait in line while she tried to process my credit card application. My credit application got declined again!

I thought to myself : “How come my wife who did not have a job at the time got a credit card easy breezy while I’m the one who…

If you follow my blog then you probably know I have had my trouble with Canada’s health care system in the past. With that said I still think we have a decent health care system here.

First let’s start by stating that Canada has a publicly funded, private provided, health care system. What this means is that you have a Public Health Insurance which is handled at a provincial level (every province has their own insurance plan that is maintained by the ministry of health of that province). When you go see a doctor he/she files an insurance claim with…

Let’s face it. I hate most banks here and bankers. Banks charge you money to keep your money!!

Here is a funny rant from my favourite comedian Louis CK on the topic

I have been in Canada for many years now and I have dealt with almost all banks. I have yet to find the perfect bank but i think I nailed down the perfect combination of banks.

The Big Five — Canada’s largest

Royal Bank of Canada (RBC — Royal Bank)


This is one of Canada’s largest and my favourite bank even though they charge me chequing fees. Damn you RBC!!

The good thing about RBC is that they have newcomer /…

Shoukri K.


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