The Future Competition Between Amazon and Google-start from Echo and voice recognition

As I mentioned in the previous blog, Amazon Echo gives the world a surprise, and the maturity of voice recognition open a new world. But how big the new world is? I doubt that few people can describe it in details. Please allow me to show my own understanding.

Back to 5 years ago, many people don’t believe that Amazon can give Google the biggest trouble. In people’s mind Amazon is in retail industry-online retail doesn’t make this any different-even considering AWS, Amazon has no imagination space to compete with Google in online advertising market. People just think these two IT giants are in different racing tracks. BUT, this situation will be changed by the progress of voice interaction between human and machine. Now we are trying to interact with machine in total different way. In the foreseeable future, mobile phone app and web search engine will soon become antiques that hamper the human communication experience. The born of Alexa, with the Echo as its hardware platform, accelerates the process.

Voice is considered as the simplest and nature method for human beings to communicate; it’s also the one of the most basic ways. However, we are too custom to the images as our user interface that we need graphic operating system to assist our communication and interaction with machines- Mycroft’s success relies on it. Amazon chose a smart breakthrough point, applying its AI products in the voice box. It’s a more cautious practice- the semantic comprehension technology has a long way to go and is far from explosion point. The voice box makes the feedback between human and machine less and simple. It’s a smart trick that can update the user’s experience to a high level without touching the real hard scientific & engineer problem. Many technology companies claimed that their technology makes the voice recognition perfect or oven better than real human(though I don’t what “better than real human” means), but we can’t take it seriously. All the perfect index and result are in paper and have been made in specific testing pool. We human are not white rat in the lab. The technology applied in the lab doesn’t fit us in daily scenery.

Ok, let’s back to the competitions intend to explain. Amazon now us using Echo as a channel to collecting user’s data and polish its products. You don’t need to use your cell phone to call a uber. Of course, no tablet, laptop, or PC is needed, if you want order package delivery. Furthermore, the data collected in your home is always more effective than the data collected from FB or Twitter- we have less disguise in our bedroom. Echo can understand our life and demand better than any AI that planted on graphic interface. Then we will see the time coming that people use voice assistance to guide driving, purchase movie ticket, reserve a dinner, and book the hotel. A bit by bit, Amazon is invading the realm of Google and taking its market share in online advertising and other business segments.

For sure, it’s not Google style to wait and see. Google’s counterattacks can begin at any time.