Ad Blocking and the Future of the Web
Jeffrey Zeldman

I subscribe to the Bob Dylan sentiment: “I used to care, but things have changed.” I don’t, won’t, and refuse to watch ads on tv or radio, or anywhere; I hit mute or change the channel. I am insulted and offended by anyone flinging vaginal spray, deodorant, starving kids, or pizza deals in my SPACE. If I want to buy something or support something, I’ll find it.

It seems to me, everyone is unwilling to think outside the box. It’s just easier to pass off the cost of promotion onto someone else. I may not subscribe to a site or column or magazine, so let’s have a vaginal cream company help pay the rent; after all, those whores will pay anyone to get their name out there. What? Too harsh? NO! Look, I have a book on iTunes that isn’t selling very well, but just because you haven’t ordered a copy doesn’t mean I get to flood you with a “please by my book” plea just to watch a video or read an article. What’s the matter with people? How arrogant of me to think you just have to know about me so much that I’ll belittle myself enough to grovel in your face at every turn.

Our grandfathers used to say all the time: “Opinions are just like assholes. Everyone’s got one.” And all these articles and blogs, and media companies are just opinion pieces and everyone is afraid their opinion is not going to get heard. Well, sorry. If I want your opinion, I’ll ask for it. But I certainly am not going to care about anything you have to say if you insist on throwing ads at me FOR ANYTHING first. Ask me to pay or subscribe and I might and I might not, but I certainly won’t if you take away my choice.

The Cable companies failed to learn something. They started out saying, pay us and you won’t have to have program interruptions. Then they figured out, hey, we can have paying customers AND get advertisers to pay us. Now they have crap content, charge too much, and have everyone wanting to pull the plug. When will we learn?

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