Here’s why I feel this article misses the point.
Chris Meadows

Here’s why I think you don’t matter (and posted this to your little blog too, I like how you slam blogging on Medium “where anyone can blog” while blogging from some site I never heard of — which is what, highly discretionary only letting the best of the best in, people like you? Please):

First of all, the headline is ridiculously inaccurate. I subscribe to a streaming music service to pay them money and in return hear the music I want to hear. If those conditions are met, they’re not “ripping me off.””

If you care about the artists you listen to, and want your money to go to them, and not some other artist, and you mistakenly believed that’s how things worked, then you are being ripped off. Hundreds of thousands of people feel this way, and are shocked to discover that this is what’s happening. If you don’t care, then that’s your business. Your lack of feeling about the artists you listen to does not invalidate the feelings of people who do care. I care a lot. You don’t have to participate if you don’t care. And if a group organizes to take your money, and direct it to their favorite artists, it shouldn’t bother you in the least. You’ll still get the service you paid for.

By what calculus does Laguna think the majority of, or even many, listeners to streaming music even care about how royalties are apportioned

I have spent my entire life in or around the music industry, as an artist and as a businessperson. My overall impression is that a lot of people care, and they care a lot. That’s why it’s the #1 story on Medium right now, and that’s why I’m being deluged with press inquiries and people who want to republish the story. Even if it’s just musicians who care, and not fans, that’s someone. But as a lifelong musician, my experience is some of the most passionate people on this subject are the fans.

He is only able to dredge up one specific case of an artist gaming the system.”

Are you fucking kidding me? I’m getting crucified in other arenas because the article is too long, and you want more examples at length? Click on some of the links in the piece. There’s examples linked to IN THE PIECE. Or use Google.

It’s just slacktivism.”

And that makes you a… what? slackticritic? There’s months of research in the piece and I spent several months writing it while simultaneously running a sizable company. The piece has already had an impact behind the scenes, and is obviously having an impact in the public mind as my continuously vibrating phone is telling me. I can’t even keep up with all the comments. Maybe the goal gets accomplished, maybe not, but some indie bands will get some more money, that’s for sure. What is your piece here doing? What’s it inspiring anyone to do? You are already on the record as not giving a shit, so why do you even care?

lobby congress critters or other people who might have influence. (Record label or streaming service execs or shareholders?)

I AM lobbying people who have influence. Listeners.

Oh, and by the way, go fuck yourself.