Of all things happening in this world, not for once did I stop and think about the effects of…
Suleica Ureña

The artists who can charge $300 for nosebleed seats are not the ones who are hurt by the current system. The artists that are hurt by the current system are talented and beautiful individuals, with incredible things to say, who can move you to tears with beautiful works of art, but who are currently selling their blood in order to buy burritos, living on the streets, and praying for a way out, some kind of ladder that will get them somewhere. They put together a decent fan base, but they still can’t make a living. That’s not a hypothetical, that was me once, before I signed a multi-million dollar major label contract.

If you don’t care about the artists you listen to, then you don’t care. No one can make you care. If you want to listen to a local band that moved you to tears with a beautiful song last week and are perfectly comfortable with Justin Bieber getting the money instead even though you donn’t listen to him at all, then this isn’t for you. This doesn’t affect you, and you can ignore it.

But a lot of people do care. The article is for the people who care. It’s right there in the third paragraph: “If you love music and want your money to go to the artists that you listen to, consider this simple hack.”