I’m all for giving artists more of my money, but I don’t know why the onus gets put on the…
Matt Calamia

The proposal is not asking for more money. It’s asking that the current royalties collected be distributed in a way that is more fair.

This is an issue that primarily affects the artists just starting out, or artists that are more indie. It boils down to whether you care about the artists you are listening to. I’m not talking about Kanye, Justin Bieber, or Beyonce. I’m talking about artists who are barely getting by (or not getting by), but who have something special to offer the world.

If you don’t care about the artists you listen to, then you don’t care. No one can make you care. If you want to listen to a local band that moved you to tears with a beautiful song last week and are perfectly comfortable with Calvin Harris getting the money instead even though you don’t listen to Calvin Harris at all, then this protest isn’t for you. This doesn’t affect you, or at least not in any way you care about, and you can ignore it.

But a lot of people do care. This article is for those people. It’s right there in the third paragraph: “If you love music and want your money to go to the artists that you listen to, consider this simple hack.”