That part of the piece did strike me as lame and undercutting to the premise.
Paul Taegel

There’s all kinds of “indie”: indie metal, indie hip hop, indie jazz, indie country etc. I’m talking about the business end (i.e. not on a major), not the genre (i.e. indie-rock). The major labels control the system, so the idea is to make the major labels worried. If you play metallica that will make the major labels happy, and there will be no reason to change. If you simply don’t like music unless it’s on a major label, then this really isn’t for you, as you have no reason to care whether some up and coming band gets paid or not, since you don’t like up and coming bands.

Unless of course you put two and two together and realize that every band you like was once an up and coming band. In that case you might want to hold your nose and make a principled vote for a healthy ecosystem, and stream some indie band that is non-objectionable to your taste.

If you have a name that works better than silent september, and which can easily be turned into a logo and will lodge in people consciousness, I am all ears. It’s a hard job, and I had to it all myself. I wrote the article, I drew the illustrations, came up with a name, and commissioned a logo. And I did all that while running a company. Probably a lot of people could do a better job than me, and it sounds like you might be one of them. So what are you waiting for? Go get em tiger. :-)