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What is “not concrete”? Everything is exceedingly well sourced, with links to the sources. The smaller group of users winding up directing most of the money is simple mathematics. This is well researched, and discussed even in academic circles. See for a recent analysis. Or go look at the FAQ where I provide links to all of the known existing research, as well as the critiques.

I think you misunderstand something: when I talk about “indie”, I’m talking about the business distinction (i.e. not on one of the 3 major labels). Every genere of music has indie artists: jazz, blues, hiphop, country, reggae, EDM, etc.
I am NOT talking about the genre of music known as “indie rock”.

Furthermore, this is not about indie vs. major label. I have *nothing* against major labels at all. In fact I want them to do better — indeed I want the entire music industry to do better. The reason this particular protest is asking people to heavily stream indie artists is for the following reasons:

  1. It raises awareness of the problem
  2. The major labels control what the market does, so by targeting them specifically for the kinds of manipulation that smaller artists have to deal with constantly, they are forced to make a decision about which plan they would rather have. If we do nothing, then nothing will change.
  3. If the plan fails, then the worst that will happen is some indie artists will get a slightly bigger check. That’s not so bad an outcome, is it?
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