Misleading title to this article.
Tim Swetonic

Your money is like a vote for music. Financially supporting the artists YOU like will lead to more music YOU like. If your money is diverted to artists you don’t like of then you will get less music that you like, and there will be more music that you don’t like.

Most people erroneously believe that their subscription money is going to the artists that they listen to. So my argument is that these people are being ripped off. They think they are supporting artists they like, but it’s the opposite.

Your money is like a vote, and your vote isn’t being counted.

BTW the result is not “small artists” being ripped off. Artists of all sizes are being ripped off. And the listeners that enjoy these artists are being ripped off as well.

The primary beneficiaries of the current distribution method are fraudsters, and music that is so homogenous and generic that it can be played in the background repeatedly with no one noticing or listening. Secondary beneficiaries are the streaming services: they collect their share of the subscription fees from the fraudsters.

If you don’t care that your money is being used to financially support music you don’t care about at the expense of music you do care about then there isn’t much I can do to make you care. If someone steals your TV set, or cancels your votes in an election and you don’t care no one can force you to care. But I can point out that it is not in your interest, and as a practical matter I believe you are being ripped off whether you realize it or not.

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