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Sharkz Entertainment
5 min readMay 30, 2022


GM, everyone!

Welcome to Sharkz Entertainment — an ocean-themed brand3 in the metaverse built and sustained by our community of web3 surfers. Pun intended. We invite you to be a part of this journey by building alongside us.

This project is rooted in our love and enthusiasm for the vast blue sea. Upon our search of an all-encompassing ocean-themed metaverse to no avail, we decided to build our own ecosystem for web3 users.

Introducing our Sharkz NFT genesis collection — a 7,777 collectibles NFT project centered around community, adventure, and collaboration. Each curated Sharkz will reside on the Ethereum blockchain with a unique combination of traits. Holding a Sharkz will grant you membership and privilege to both the physical and digital world.

Our Community

Inspired and guided by the grand vision of web3 — the next-gen ecosystem is built and owned by the community. Sharkz is positioned as a community-driven NFT project, which serves to build meaningful long-term connections through trust, collaboration, bonding, and adventure.

The DAO existence in crypto space comes in many forms. As we ventured through the right DAO models, we often ask ourselves two questions:

“How do we distribute the Sharkz brand to the community of individuals? How do we engage in a particular reward system?”

For any NFT project to stand the test of time, a strong foundation and value system must be implemented. With this in mind, we’ve chosen to build our Sharkz Voting dApp and leverage the concept of DAO from day one. To begin, we are one of the first NFT projects that’s bold enough to make community decisions right from the get-go, even before the minting phase. We want to start off with our first voting event about our smart contract designs.

“ERC-721 Standard or ERC-721A?”

Of course, we will incentivize participants with perks. As the Sharkz journey continues to unfold, everything else will be built off of this foundation.

Webtoon as Brushes. Metaverse as Canvas.

What good is a brand3 if it has no storytelling behind it? Sharkz’s vision entails the creation of the largest original webtoon series for the metaverse. With extensive IP content integrated into the Meta-Ocean, we aspire to offer the community more value, and strive for the longevity of Sharkz.

Drawings of ATLA: The City of Sharkz. [Webtoon of Sharkz]

Take a first look at the teaser.

The early 21st century was hellbound. Nature’s fury — flooded Earth, pandemic, mega-tsunami, and limited resources. The hope of survival had long gone for the remaining mankind. All up till the day the Genetic Scissor (CRISP-Cas56, Cpf95) Nobel prize winner, Dr.Ralph’s clinical trial succeeded. The Era of Biopunk ultimately opened its curtains in May 2067. The newly developed, superb underwater environment was more than enough for mankind to build a civilization. The monumental work of Project: ATLANTIS was initiated. On the rainy day of 2099, test subject — XY0459 Zino wakes up…

Powerful Utilities for Sharkz

Take a deep dive into our meta-whirlpool, gain access to exclusive drops of streetwear, IRL events, collectibles, and much more!

I. Digital Drops — Crazy amount of digital inventory in the pipeline. You’ll find hints and easter eggs along the way!

II. IRL Events — Show off your NFTs and hang out with your fellow Sharkz surfers across different worlds and realities.

III. Sharkz Wearables — Dedicated Sharkz apparel collection which allows for customization with your Sharkz as well as getting that dope clothing IRL.

Contract Designs

Our take on web3 and fairness.

We think that our “community-first” mindset and uncompromising transparency are what set us apart from others. The NFT smart contract is immutable by design, meaning its codes cannot be manipulated once deployed. That is why we’ve devoted our efforts into providing the first-ever NFT with a “pre-launch” voting system that allows our members to take part in our core contract design. This greatly influences miners rights, protections, and minting cost. Read more here. We will be inviting everyone to participate in our public on-chain voting for the final decision of the contract design, the voting result will be permanently stored on the Ethereum blockchain.

Thank you for taking the time to read about us. Join our Discord and drop a word! You can find us at:




Finz up! And keep surfing the web3 waves together!🏄



Sharkz Entertainment

Surfers of Web3. Brand3 in the Meta-Ocean. Our genesis project is Sharkz NFT collection. Mint date TBA.