Shane, you are displaying your insanity with your article.
Cliff Silvers

As a woman, I find him to be very offensive. I am appalled by the things he has said and done to women. I take issue with what he has said to the Khan family and Senator McCain. I find many of his comments and behaviors to be dismissive, racist, and xenophobic. I believe his malignment of the mainstream media is only befitting of a dictator. The person who wrote the Art of the Deal has written and spoken extensively about what it was like to follow Trump for 18 months. He makes a game of stiffing and manipulating contractors and workers. He filed bankruptcy 5 times, has over 120 legal cases pending, and set up a fake university. He never apologizes for any of his hateful statements or behaviors. Regardless of his psychiatric diagnosis, he is a reprehensible human being.

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