Every individual joins a company to prove his potential. He diligently work harder in order to attain some recognition at workplace. But then comes ‘Client needs and his expectations’ which indirectly gets converted in ‘Targets’ by the organization. Here, you timely pay your best working model only to discover your client’s needs that changes rapidly. Depending on the changes, you make extensive modifications, even sometimes start from the very scratch as your customer would expect you to accept the change and redesign the product as per his requirements. This is called “Moving the Target”.

The modifications that come under the criteria are:

Re-designing the change requirements
Functionality change requirements
Product use

Generally, Clients does not possess a clear idea of their needs, being it ‘what, when, how and for whom’ questions. This uncertainty arrives out of a complex combination of both internal organization factors and external environment.

Hence, it is a sure thing that as an advisor, you are going to be affected in some or another way. But don’t you worry, we have some suggestions as well. Just give your thought on the followings:

ü Identify current trajectory of the project(s).
ü What past trajectories has the project taken?
ü Discuss the factors that have influenced any change in the trajectories
ü What factors can influence the trajectory of the current/upcoming project(s)?

ü What can we control, influence or predict within any of the factors?

If you account “I don’t know” on any of the questions mentioned above, it’s a high time to schedule a meeting with the client. Get to know, what is needed to be developed and follow it in order to achieve success.

Determine the “Trajectory” of your services with a great level of predictability and get in touch with clients at each possible phase. This is indeed the true requirement of the moment in order to vital up.

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