Cat which can’t meow..

The moment you saw the title you must be wondering how is that possible?? We know people talk, dogs bark, cats meow and so on then how is this cat different from all the others cat?? You must be thinking, maybe this cat is suffering from any disease or it is a rare phenomena then let me stop you right there! Don’t stress yourself too much, I am here talking about Schrödinger’s cat, which was a thought experiment suggested by Erwin Schrödinger in 1935. Now this cat was not mute but as it was a thought experiment, it never existed in reality.

He used this to explain the weirdness of one of the Quantum Mechanics property called SUPERPOSITION. A particle is said to be in superposition when it exists in all the possible state it can exist at once when we are not measuring and observing it! Confusing right? This is what Quantum Mechanics is, and when we measure the particle the superposition collapses and particle chooses one state. This should happen to larger objects also as everything is made up of particles, but as we see it does not happen. To show how strange is the behavior of particles, he came with a thought experiment called Schrodinger’s Cat in which, a cat is placed in a box with a radioactive element which has 50% chance of decaying and killing the cat within the next hour. Now when we are about to open the box, we know cat will be either dead or alive but not both but if you apply the quantum mechanics in this case then we can say when cat is inside the box, when it is not measured it should be in all the possible states it can be in. So cat will be both dead and alive at the same time, only when we open the box superposition collapses and we find the truth about the cat. Now what event forces the cat to be dead or alive is still not clear, but the concept of Schrodinger’s cat led to another theory named, Many Worlds Theory.

This theory states that an event which can happen will happen. Doesn’t it sounds scary?? It is like we have no control over the events which are gonna happen as they will happen. According to this theory, whenever an event happens the earth splits into two. So there may be chances if the cat is dead here, it may be alive in a completely different universe. There can be a universe where Hitler would have won, where India would have won the Champions Trophy Final, where humans are much more advanced than us etc. These all theories and concepts are very interesting and they will keep you looking for the answers and when you go after it, many mysteries would unfold. There is a beautiful portrayed movie on the concept of parallel universe named ‘COHERENCE’, I would recommend people who want to watch something which will keep them on the edge of their seats to please watch this. It is a story of 8 people inside a house when a Comet passes over their house and the strange events which happen after that. I have recommended this movie to 6–7 of my friends and not even a single person was let down by this amazing story. I will be writing the solution of problem regarding python in next blog, till then keep reading…

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