Philipp Budeikin…you know him right?

If you didn’t get the topic for today by reading the title, then sorry to say you need to work on your current affairs. You would have heard about this topic a lot of times, but you never gave it a thought. This topic should be addressed publicly immediately and all the people should be made aware of this as soon as possible. You must be wondering why is he creating a lot of suspense just for the topic??? Why is it sounding like a lecture?? Actually that has been always our problem, as we would just address the problem in hand and we would never look for the origin. This guy Philipp Budeikin, is responsible for the creation of the deadly game, known as the BLUE WHALE. He associated the term whale in reference to the phenomena of beached whales, where cetaceans are stranded on beach. The reason for this is still a mystery for everyone. Some even relate it to suicides!!!

He is just 21, same as my age and he had already done whatever he could do in his life, currently he is in custody in a RUSSIAN jail.

Actually I thought of writing about this topic a little later but when such incidents happen with or around you, you have to tell people. First and foremost, it was a failed attempt by those so called ADMINISTRATORS and hence no damage was done. But I understood one thing from this, these people are way too smart and they are constantly looking for their next victims. So one of my friends had a curiosity about this game and he saw couple of videos regarding the game. After this he took a nap and when he woke up, there was a missed call on his phone. The number had a starting digit as +7, so he knew that it was not from India. So he searched the number on True Caller and the result was shocking!!!

These images are literally nightmares.

The screen read BLUE WHALE!!! He was shocked as it was unexpected and he had no clue from where did they got his number. He just saw some videos and after that they tried to contact him. He was terrified, he called his parents and told them everything. They started scolding him as why he was showing interest at first. He then called me and told everything, at first I took it lightly and asked him to share the number from which he got the call. I opened the incognito mode, logged out from all the accounts and then searched the number and got this result:

The number was: +79407691976

It is the reality, the blue whale has reached INDIA and it must be stopped. Around 6 cases are reported so far in India within a month. There are number of countries where this game had already created massacre, I just collected this list from wikipedia.

So already it has been spread across the world in 19 countries where kids are committing suicide due to this game. This madness has to stop. Philipps told in an interview that he was cleaning the society and everyone will understand the reason for this later. He further said that those children are weak and not fit for the society. I urge to all the parents to keep an eye on their kids. It is not that you have to be around them 24x7, you just find some interest in their lives. At the end of the day you just ask them about their whole day, what they did, where did they go etc. By this way, even if someday they come across such idiotic games, then you would have enough time to react accordingly. I have attached a document which contains 50 tasks of Blue Whale Game, if you want, just go through it. Be safe, be happy, value your life, we will continue our ATM in next blog, till then keep blogging…