Please read this…It matters!!

A lot of times we may come across such situations in our life that we might think that it is the end of our world and we kind of lose hope. We think of that situation as our last chance of succeeding in life, as there would be no tomorrow and there is no turning back from that moment. Under those crucial circumstances we may take some actions which we would regret later and sometimes we can’t even regret, if you know what I mean.

Few days back, one girl committed suicide because she was caught cheating and was sent out of the exam hall. She took this shocking step because she felt humiliated by the behavior of the staff member in handling the matter. While some say, it was not the humiliation but the fear of losing the semester that lead to such an incident, others say that it was the attitude of the faculty towards the girl. I am not here to talk about that specific incident, as I am no one to talk about that girl or the college. Some people even went a step ahead and started accusing our education system as it always focuses on getting marks and this fear among the students causes such shocking incident to occur.

I just want to say this first — “SUICIDE WILL NEVER BE THE ANSWER TO ANY OF YOUR PROBLEM, NO MATTER HOW BIG THE PROBLEM IS”. There is always a way, it’s just that you have to keep your calm. I am not talking about the wrong way by which you can get out of the problem, I am just asking you to solve the problem. If you get out of a problem, there are chances that you may face similar problem ahead in your life and trust me you won’t be able to get lucky for the second time. But if you solve the problem, whether it deals with your parent, sibling, family, relationship, work etc but when you come out with a solution, you will learn a lesson which you will never forget in your life. No matter what it takes for you to solve it, whether you have to listen to your parents shouting at you (even beating you), whether you have to deal with the society, whether you have to face humiliation, just solve the problem.

You should have a person in your life with whom you can share everything, by everything I mean literally each and every detail. That person could be your friend, cousin, parent, partner etc, so that whenever these stupid things make their way into your mind, that one person would kick these idea’s a**. I am just saying that after doing so much for you, your parents don’t deserve to see you like this. If not for anyone, just think about your parents before you do something stupid in your life. Problems are the part of our life, no one can escape from this and it is a fact.

Please do realize that life is a precious gift. You are born to do wonders not to wonder about how to end it. Keep your loved ones always with you, talk to them on a daily basis, be happy, be composed, don’t take too much of stress, take good care of your health and keep smiling because this world is in need of lots of happiness. I know life can be hard, but I know you can come out of it. I trust you!!!

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