6 Tips To Crush Your Influencer Outreach Campaign!

As a marketer, you probably already know that influencer marketing is among the most effective methods to promote your brand or products. In fact, anAugure study showed that 93% of marketers involved in the study got effective results in building brand awareness from influencer marketing. Additionally, 75% consider the channel effective for generating leads and 76% say it’s effective for improving customer loyalty.

These stats show the importance of influencer marketing and why it shouldn’t be ignored. However, just like every other marketing method it also comes with its own set of challenges. This means that you might be presented with several issues that might hamper your chance of executing a successful influencer outreach campaign. In this post, you’ll find some useful and effective tips on how you can find the right influencers and reach out to them successfully.

Identifying The Right Influencers

The Augure study cited earlier found that the biggest challenge for marketers was identifying the right influencers. 75% said that it was their biggest challenge in influencer marketing. So this means that a successful influencer outreach campaign should begin by identifying the right influencers for your brand. Here are the essential tips to help you out:

#1. Know your audience

The first and most crucial step for any marketing campaign is to know what kind of audience you’re dealing with. This will become the foundation to developing the perfect strategy to marketing your products to them. You need to understand which social platforms they use the most and which channels they are engaging with. What type of content do they consume and what is their demographic? If you’re targeting millennials, for instance, platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube might be your best option. See what type of people or channels they’re following on those platforms, so you can find out what type of influencers could reach out to your audience most effectively.

#2. Research influencers

What you need to do next is find out leading influencers in your industry and determine their relevancy to your audience. Make use of tools like Traackr,BuzzSumo, and Klout to identify top influencers in specific industries. After you’ve identified influencers with the kind of following you’re looking for, take a look at different factors like relevance and engagement to find the right ones.

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