How One Messenger Is Revolutionizing Mobile Chat

With the increasing use of smartphones, the app industry is experiencing significant growth every year. This can only mean that there will be new apps emerging and more competition in different app categories. Even when it comes to mobile messaging apps, we can see a notable growth in the category with some of the top apps getting millions of registered users. One Messenger has entered the scene, bringing a set of unique and improved features that many of the other chat and messaging apps cannot provide. The apps comprehensive functionality is aimed at revolutionizing the world of mobile chat in its entirety.

More Communication Options With Video And Voice Calls

One Messenger isn’t just any messaging app. It comes with communication options that aren’t even available with some of the top mobile messenger apps like WhatsApp. While you’re thoroughly comfortable typing out your messages and having some fun banter with your friends over group chat, there may come a time when you need to talk to them face to face. One Messenger offers a free and quick video call feature, through which you can have an enjoyable conversation with friends.

Even with hundreds of millions of registered users, some messaging apps do not offer voice calls and solely focus on text chat. One Messenger simplifies your communication needs by combining them all in one platform. So, users have the freedom to choose between text chat, audio call, and video call to communicate with their friends using this app.

Ensure Fast And Effective Delivery Of Messages

Ever had that problem where you need to urgently inform your friend about something but you can’t be sure if they got your message or not? Maybe you’re unable to give them a call but you need to make sure that they get the information. One Messenger tries to solve this issue by delivering your message through multiple channels such as email, SMS, and voice call.

With One Messenger, you can compose a message and choose to have it delivered through multiple channels. So even if your friend doesn’t have the app installed, they can still see your message by email or by SMS. They can also send you replies using a special code and then you can read their replies using the app. Even the biggest mobile messenger app with billions of active users doesn’t offer this functionality.

One Messenger even lets you create audio messages that you can send to your friends. They will receive this message in the form of a voice call. This feature is a great addition to the world of mobile chat as you will be able to deliver important messages to multiple contacts at once. Other apps may let you send audio notes within the app but One Messenger lets you reach out to people who don’t even have the app installed.

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