What Type of Content Will Crush It For Your Business?

Have you ever wondered how some of companies are cashing in a tremendous amount of money online? How have they become so popular that everyone is talking about them? How have they attracted a huge audience for their websites? Do you wish to get the same publicity? Are you experiencing issues while publicizing your business? You’ve likely heard about and used content marketing for a long time. However, do you know which content type can work great for your business? If no, don’t worry because I’ll answer that question today.

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach used to develop resourceful, relevant, and consistent website content. It’s essential for acquiring a particular audience and ultimately driving higher returns. Content Marketing may not seem magical, but trust me that it can do wonders for a business. The most significant benefit of content marketing is the extra attention you get from online viewers, which can help you convert them into potential customers.

In reality, every online business faces problems while promoting themselves online. With so many search engine updates and fiercely high competition, content marketing is the ultimate weapon to fight for traffic via referrals, organic and social. Since content marketing involves cost, not all companies can afford thousands of dollars every month. It’s important that you maximize your ROI by picking the right content type because not all types will work for every business.

Now the most important task here is to explore which content type will lead to successful marketing for your business and how. Before we proceed, let’s first review what the different types of content marketing are. Although there’s an enormous list of possible content types, we’ll focus on discussing a few of the most popular.

Source: Newsvend

Content Type #1: Infographic

Infographics are visual presentations of complex data in a fun, engaging, and easy-to-read format. Graphics are well liked by most online viewers today. Thus, infographics are shared and retweeted more than any of the other content types. It’s a powerful way to get your business’s information viral on social media. Astudy found that infographics were viewed and shared three times more than any other content type.

Content Type #2: Video

I don’t think I need to explain much for this one. Videos are short movies that can deliver relevant content about your business without text. The one thing must remember while making and publishing videos is that you drive action from users. Videos could be emotional, motivational, or storytelling. A video isn’t just about the moving picture; it’s about the words that you say or display. There are thousands of videos which people don’t even look at since there’s a long list of videos available online. So, make sure that it captures attention and drives well.

Content Type #3: List

People often tend to read articles that come with a numbered list, such as “10 Easy Steps to Create Android App.” Let me be very honest that even I’m more likely to start reading an article if its title hints at a list being involved. It’s easy to read XX titles and understand the basics of the article within a few seconds.Physiologists shed some light on how our affection for numbered lists might bias the way we observe certain items on these lists.

Content Type #4: What Post

What posts are articles and blogs that ask “What” in the title. For example, “What are the different ways to earn money online?” or “What titles make readers curious about reading the article.” Posing questions typically will pique the interest of viewers and make them want to find the answer.

Content Type #5: How-To Article

How-to articles directly suggest the procedure of doing a certain task. People are often interested in understanding how they can successfully complete something. You’ve likely found this content type quite popular online. How-to articles can cover anything from making money online to jumpstarting a car or applying makeup.

Content Type #6: Why Post

As the title itself suggests, why posts are articles that involve reasons. Why posts generally provide readers with facts and details that support a certain focused conclusion. For instance, the post could be “10 Reasons Why We Love Marketing.” These articles help get you extra attention from the readers.

After looking at the major content types, let’s now figure out which content type works best for different businesses. I’ve used Buzzsumo to gather data for each business type. The website has analyzed over 14k articles of every content type and found which suits each industry.

1. Business

Analyzing more than 14K articles in the Business category, it was found that Why, What, and Infographic posts work great. These content types gain more social media shares over the List, How-to, and Video types. For infographics, Pinterest is the better medium over LinkedIn and Google.

Takeaway: For the Business category, content asking “What” or “Why” and infographics works the best, so take the benefit to gain more social traction.

2. Lifestyle

Using over 14, 292 articles, we determined that people prefer What posts followed by Videos and Why posts when it comes to Lifestyle. Approximately 5k shares is the average number for What posts if well-written and promoted.

The most amazing fact highlighted in this study was that people like and share What posts over Facebook more often than Twitter.

Takeaway: For the Lifestyle category, What posts are the winning content type. Facebook will give you more traction than other social media sites.

3. Finance

Finance is one of the most important and big market segments. Studies reveal that Video and How-To content types work better. Taking a narrow lead, Video ranks top dog, but is closely followed by How-To, Why posts, and Lists. These are being shared the most through Facebook, whereas all of the other networking sites lag visibly.

Takeaway: For Finance, don’t miss the power of videos and How-To articles, especially when sharing on Facebook.

4. Marketing

Marketing is widely known as a channel of communication which helps in inducing your customer’s behavior. An efficient and effective marketing technique is one which leaves a positive impact on users. Therefore, it’s evident that videos top the charts in this section. Videos give a sense of personalization to the viewers and create more impact than any other content types. Videos are widely shared and liked on Facebook. Other content types like How-To, What posts, and Infographics are highly competitive in Marketing.

Takeaway: For the Marketing category, take advantage of the Video content type to tell stories with some emotional touches to trigger action.

5. Parenting

Parenting is perhaps the most sensitive segment of the market. Today’s parents have become far more aware than the parents of the last decade. In fact, the search for information starts in the pre-parenting phase when soon-to-be fathers and mothers starting browsing the Internet to learn what to expect. Most of the parenting articles which are shared are What posts. If I back this analysis with numbers, then it may cross 12k shares. The next most popular content type was Why posts. Moreover, Facebook is the one networking site that’s dominating again. The most astonishing fact discovered was that Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and other sites don’t work well for this category.

Takeaway: If you have a parenting business online, make note that What posts work the best and are shared most on Facebook.

6. SEO

It’s tough to reach a point of conclusion for the SEO category. As you can see in the above graph, all the content types have a competitive edge over the other in this segment. Although the difference is much less here, Why and What posts get a little more social shares. They’re closely followed by Video and How-To articles. Twitter has proved to be the best over all the other networking sites for SEO. However, if you compare it to the previous data, SEO content is least shared among all.

Takeaway: If you work in SEO or related digital marketing, then Twitter is the best social network to promote on and Why posts will help make things easy.

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