iOS 10 Features that you may not aware of: Toronto iPhone 5 Repair

iOS 10 is quite a rave these days and you really can’t doubt its success. A huge percent of the iPhone user base has already upgraded to the latest release and those who are in a dilemma of preference, we are going to simplify the choice, by giving a quick idea of what needs to be done and how. Now that you have already been acquainted with the latest features of this release, we are back with some of the features that might have escaped your attention.

Turn Your Camera into a Magnifying Glass

Thanks to the advanced camera of iPhone that
you can really zoom into the text and features at a distance. Head over to Setting; go to General –Accessibility, and then Magnifier. Once done, activate the magnifier by a triple tap on the home button.

Access your Camera, Even from the Lock Screen

Some moments just happen and you have less than seconds to capture these moments. iOS 10 makes the calling action easier than ever. You can bring it on without unlocking the device. From the lock screen, simply swipe the right and the iOS will open the Camera app.

Use Siri to retrieve the hard-to-find Photos

This is the most lovable of all the features iOS 10 says providers @ iPhone 5 accessories Toronto. If you ask Siri to “Show you the photos from October 2nd” it will show you the same. It can even show you the photos from a specific place. That means Siri is going to save a lot of time that you spend on finding those hidden photos.

Quickly Access Related Photos

In addition to the Apple Maps and Music, even finding the image has been improved here. You can click on one image and all the related photos will pop up automatically.

Find the Misplaced Apple Watch with Ease

iOS allows users to find the Apple Watch via the Find My iPhone App. You can erase the content of your watch from the iOS 10, place it in Lost Mode or let it play a certain sound that enables easy tracking.

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