Demon’itization or De ‘Monitor’ ization by Modi?

A lot of creatively designed puns have evolved out of people’s mind post the demonetization storm which the nation recently survived. Some seemed in favor of the decision while others reflected disagreement to this whole idea of scrapping 500 and 1000 rupees notes. One such witticism exclusively prepared by me is in the form of this article’s title: A question to everyone who has an opinion about this recent massive transformational step taken by our Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi. This grey haired charismatic man, crisp with his words, bold at his voice and sharp at his sight if not always, then would definitely charm you with his personality once, at least. Like it or not, his influence is powerful, be it negative or positive. No wonder he’s the most followed, talked about and searched person on the social media with people’s praises, astonishments, blames, cursing etc. ever since he sworn-in as the 15th Prime Minister of independent India. He is a man of extremes!

Not to say everything is good and of high standards about him, nevertheless a lot of uniqueness is observed in his planning and working pattern. In the history of 69 years of freedom never have we witnessed the calling of counter terrorism operations against terror groups. The incident left the country in surprise with their eyes wide open in ponder of the bravery Indian army showed who sneaked across the LoC (Line of Control) resulting in destroying terrorist bases with killing of 38 Pakistani terrorists without a bit harm caused to Indian army. The surgical strike was swiftly driven and successfully completed.

No Indian Prime Minister has ever gone so deep to curb a national issue hampering the country’s growth by strict implementation of the “Swachh Bharat” campaign. The campaign abled us witness the celebrities, the business magnates and the politicians holding brooms in their hands promoting the idea of “Clean India”. The movement, within two years of its launch has achieved great success ensuring clean roads, railway stations and other public areas through active voluntary participation of citizens. Swachh Bharat was seen getting promoted in news channels, television serials and corporate industries (as a part of their corporate social responsibility initiative). If not to all, then definitely the voice of ‘cleanliness being the need of the hour for our nation’ has been reached to almost every remote locality in the country through regular radio jingles, banners, skits and other communication aids easily accessible.

By introducing the concept Make In India, not only has he motivated the usage of Indian manufactured goods at lower price but also contributed in branding worldwide Indian products which led to universal consumption of “Patanjali” an Indian FMCG company. Not to forget to mention about the tremendous increase in the GDP that rose to 7.5 percent after the launch of this campaign.

Illegal income has been India’s concern since two decades. It became a rampant problem which was affecting the economy of the country considering its biggest risk. With passage of time, the issue became one of the most burning topics for discussion across the nation. Middle class families, the major contributors in the country’s population were found to be arguing on this gigantic problem of Black money which only deteriorated their standard of living with every day passing. A lot of debates, disputes and complaints were encountered pertaining to the matter until the conclusion was drawn to it on 9th November 2016. Mr. Modi, with his tactical mind and considerate planning brought about a revolution. He unrooted the major cause of this criminal activity by announcing a ban on the 500 and 1000 rupees notes with a short notice of 4 hours. The verdict invited a lot of criticism, few called him a dictator but what brought him immense praise were the records: More than 14 lakh crore rupees cash got junked post the announcement demonetization.

Eventually, he did what he promised. This was his step to bring back the black money. He is yet to snatch the amount revolving in the foreign markets and banks.

Honestly, I have never been a Modi fan though I reside in Gujarat since my birth. His relentless attitude and arrogance has always put me to thinking about his bad leadership qualities. He was an Ignite to the 2002 communal riots occurred in Gujarat which brought an unrest situation in the state. The state which was considered to be the most peaceful and nonviolent was made aggressive and intense. But he did make up smartly for the damage he did by advancing technology and bringing industrialization in full swing during his tenure as the chief minister.

Keeping aside all this, what made me admire this striking personality the most was his dedication towards building strong international relationships that will result into a beginning of a new and developed India. He aims to develop India technologically, scientifically and socially the way he developed Gujarat by introducing campaigns like Beti Bachao, Jan Dhan Yojana, NITI Aayog Yojana, declaring variety of days to celebrate skill development (inspiring the youth) and much more. He is one man I think who can bring the CHANGE that INDIA needs.

Wish this country had 3–4 Modi-like packaged individuals who whole heartedly live only to make the nation better and not fill their pockets through dishonest practices. Wish there could be more hands which could join the enthusiasm of this powerful old man who visions just one thing: INDIA OF OUR DREAMS!

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