Humans Around Us

Life is fab! Only if you could take some time out and look around to almighty’s creation that has a bit of everything: From mad hatters to serious faced creatures, flamboyancy reflected personalities to grounded individuals, attention seekers to gossip mongers, nose pokers to ‘I don’t give a fuck’ types, every individual is unique in creating a vibe in wherever they go and whoever they meet forming an identity to which people around start to respond. Let’s scroll down to get analysis of the socials we are surrounded with.

Vibrant: My most favourite section of human beings. You might get irritated by them, feel like pulling your hair in their presence or never thank god for their existence, but you just can’t thank god enough for they subconsciously bring joy to your life. These loud, child-like creatures who fail to comprehend the word ‘polite’ invariably have contributed as both, a.) Headache Givers: when you want to focus but their voices won’t let you do so and b.) Pain Healers: when tremendous amount of work exhausts you and you need amusement. Their massive energy level 24*7 is their Unique Selling Proposition.

Introvert: Believe to have dialogues with their own self at every tick of the clock rather than engaging in conversations with people around. Like to observe others, enjoy laughter sessions with friends and family, give a cold reaction to each action coming their way with subtlety but would mostly take a back seat on expressing their own opinions. This category motivates the former set of people to keep doing their bit because they know someone is always there to enjoy their company.

Creative: There’s a fine line between a creative person and an introvert. The behaviour exhibited by them is mostly similar except that the latter are mostly offbeat. Their way of looking at life is different. They never wish to understand society, ardent believers of living in present and do everything that is tagged by others as weird. For them, life is not what we make out of it; it is what more you can you keep adding to it.

Talkative: A talkative need not always have vibrancy but a vibrant is mostly found to be a blabbermouth. You cannot expect them to put a topic to rest till the root of it is been discussed. They are casual attitude people always expressive of their thoughts and opinions. You don’t need a topic to get started with them, a simple hello is sufficient to ignite the chattering. It is always one thing leading to another for them. They will always have a story to tell, unwanted explanation to give and most senseless arguments to trigger. They also have traits of gossipers who have something to comment on imperfection around with a justification of how perfect they are.

Cry-baby: The most unsatisfied, unhappy souls with un-diminishing complaints fit to this type. They annoy me to an extent that I would not wish to see their faces again. Their belief in making stale paneer of the lemons life gives them destroys both, the milk (future) and the lemons (present).

Assertive: Majorly misunderstood by society. Their activities are a combination of snotty attitude, catty bitch, and a reserved being. They mostly belong to modern societies with mannerism imbibed in them for every action they perform and refuse to befriend individuals who aren’t buyers of such etiquettes.

Of such variety being offered to us in everyday living, let’s laugh, get entertained, find our space and believe in the fabulous-ness of being bounded by one of its own kind- The Social Animals J

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