Job boards of the Future

It’s about time that I write about Human resource,all thanks to my association with it which runs long. Since graduation, I have been a part of this industry passively or completely and needless to say that I have learnt a lot.

In the next few articles, I would like to share my experiences from with all of you about the factors that will shape up the future of HR and the road ahead.

Today, specifically I would like to share my views on Job Boards,its future and the role of technology in its transformation .

Since the advent of internet, technology has become the primary source of sourcing candidates for employers around the world. Marquee job boards like Indeed, Monster, Dice have dominated the landscape of job boards around the world. Fast forward yourself from the early 2000’s to now, things haven’t changed much. The incumbents during this time have gone bigger & bulkier and the technology used to filter and search talent hasn’t improved by and large.

Technological advancement on the other hand has far outpaced everything else in the last two decades with smartphones boasting capabilities of a supercomputers and internet speed reaching beyond 50 Mbps.

This lopsided growth between the two industries has resulted in huge number of users flooding these job boards with relatively low response rates & job acceptance. It’s worth noticing that the filtering techniques used by job boards today are still the same old keyword matching algorithms & Boolean operations.

So, how will the job boards of future look like? Will it be like the existential or would it change?

Here are the five things I believe will be different in the job boards of the future:

1) Conversational

Job boards of the future will be conversational in nature and possibly due to the involvement & integration of chatbots or chat agents. Accessing information through websites has become easier with drastic improvement & focus on UI/UX but assistance through conversational bots would make the process of job applications all the more simple.

2) Intelligent

Yes, Artificial intelligence will play a key role in your careers knowingly or unknowingly. The growing capabilities of machine learning will assist job boards to become smarter and intelligent in suggesting precise roles and opportunities to job seekers.

3) Interactive

A lot has been said & talked about whether job boards should become more social in nature and be more integrated to user’s life in general. Job boards like the prevalent social networking sites, in future will pivot on collecting user’s data at regular intervals to provide curated and precise opportunities to job seekers.

4) Gaming

This might come as a surprise to many but I believe this will be the key differentiator between successful and non-successful job boards of the future. Gaming is in its fundamental form is a competition which lures a user towards it through social, monetary or emotional reward. Job boards offering competitions or games will help users to assess and showcase their skills to employers.

5) Subscription

This is a bit relative and would differ from country to country or region to region. Platforms of the future would fundamentally rely on accumulation of data to provide curated and accurate results which might conflict with user privacy and intrusion. To avoid such conflicts with users, job boards would offer subscription based models to its consumers with varying degrees of features differentiating each other.

Please feel free to write your feedback down below and thanks for reading.

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