How To Buy Flax Seeds Without Confusion?

It is easy for anyone to get puzzled while buying flax seed by looking at the many options available in the market place. How to make-up the mind then? This content piece will discuss few pros and cons of its different forms available in stores to make it easy for you to understand what to look for while purchasing. Let’s first have a look at some of the principle benefits of flax seeds.

They are the very good source of omega-3 fatty acids and contains abundant of dietary fiber that is thought to help lower the cholesterol, slowing the growth of certain tumors, improves our immune functioning, reducing inflammation, necessary for good skin, and many more. They also provide minerals e.g. calcium, magnesium and zinc. Finally, there is flax lignans, chemical compounds that act as antioxidant.

Flax Seeds Manufacturers

It is important to identify high quality flax seed before buying. You need to look for a reliable manufacturer when buying flax seeds. Go through the list of Flax Seeds Manufacturers in Pune at Grotal to get the best quality product.

Different forms of flax seeds in market:

A. Whole Flaxseeds: The chief benefit of buying this form is that it has a longer shelf life and is much cheaper to buy. Be it brown or golden, there isn’t much of the nutritional difference according to nutritionists, but golden flax is considered to be the best variety for human consumption. The other important advantage of consuming whole flax is that you get all the nutrients listed above. The negatives involved with whole flax seeds is that it does not get as much convenience as its processed products. With a little effort though, by grinding you can unlock all the goodness for you to absorb.

B. Flaxseed Meal: From the last point, you can predict that the main advantage of flax seed meal is convenience. You just have to open the packet and sprinkle it on the food items like: cereals, curries or yogurts, to get all the benefits listed above. Its nutty and earthy flavor makes it a yummy delight. The major negative involved with flax meal is its liability to oxidation, a process by which the good essential oils in the flax meal become rancid and no longer offer any good health benefits to your body. You can increase the shelf life of this meal by storing it in a dark container in the fridge.

C. Flaxseed Oil: It offers a different style of consuming flax like pouring it over your salads. Oil is a great source of essential fatty acid but you don’t get the lignans and fibre (however some manufacturers add them in) while having it in this form. One more negative associated with it is that you need to use it quickly in order to avoid its oxidation.

D. Flaxseed Oil Capsules: These are a great choice for those who don’t like the taste or texture of flax seeds. The capsules are a great way for you to get the essential fatty acid. They however won’t provide the full complement of flax benefits, as they lack fibers and have fewer minerals than whole flax seeds.

The daily recommended serving of ground flax seed is two tablespoons. Start with small servings first and increase your intake slowly. Purchase the form that you need and do not buy too much of the flax seeds at once, as that will increase its likelihood to spoilage or rotting before you can actually use it all. Incorporate them in your meal as these are the powerful natural supplement that regulates weight, increases stamina, nourishes the body, builds muscles and efficiently keep you energized all day long.