The struggle of the modern startups and family is real in the context of the South Asian families, Nepal at least. I always question myself why does not Nepal have the same rate of people turning towards small and medium ventures like in America or in any of the 1st world country. After a phone call with my dad, it was clear. Our families do not want us to be entrepreneurs or even SME owners. There is this huge cloud of fear of failure that is keeping them away from even trying what they want to do. I don’t say we do not have ideas. We do. but what we don’t is the guts to implement them.

When it comes to working with a startup idea in Nepal, all of them have a great quotient of talent and the energy that requires to go with the talent. The normal process of the startup buildup goes in a process as;

  1. Have a idea.
  2. Share the idea with close acquaintances
  3. Have a jetpack of energy loaded and BOOM!
  4. They look for the work, the pay and even have a clear roadmap for a year or more.

Still! the development can’t be compared to the 1st world countries where these all steps are either automated or pushed. But I think this push is better.

The breakage of internal threshold and guts to accept the change doesn’t matter.What matters in Nepal is future value of insurance. The old days haven’t changed where everyone had a capitalist point of view to accumulate the wealth and keep it static, rely on inflation to make it grow. The fear to accept the change and too much care for the offsprings is often problematic. The parents wish their sons and daughters be studying with their money till they complete the studies.Even Phd. But that’s clearly making them dull and dependent. What you can do as a parent is set your kids towards the field of startups. Let them explore the world on their own for some time, I bet they can find their way if they are really passionate and if they even don’t, please let them try at least. That’s a little thing that you do do today will help rise a potential future entrepreneurs.