Why Are We Killing Children Over A Hypothetical Being In The Sky?

The human species is one of the most perplexing on our planet. Our evolutionary rate is supersonic, although or birth rate is near opposite. We can hardly comprehend our own brains, let alone completely understand them.

We evolved at lightning speed and developed tools, hunting, manners and courtesies. We went from reading to radio, and from radio to the 4-digit flatscreen on your basement bar wall. We protect each other, we have a nagging conscience. Our evolved mannerisms outweigh our primal instincts.

So why on earth are we hurting one another’s families? Why does that young Syrian couple with a newborn baby deserve to be shot at and bombed any more than us in Canada and The United States? Is it because their skin is darker, their accents thicker? Is it because of their geography, their land, their culture?

That may be true; in fact, it’s an entirely factual reasoning as to why bigots and racists hate Middle Easterns. It’s as true as the sky is blue, but it’s barely scratching the surface as to why so many Americans fear people on the other side of the world. The real reason?

Jesus Christ, Amen!

We’re killing each other, putting our kids in wars to kill other kids who are just as scared. We’re murdering families, tearing parents and children apart. We’re bombing homes that are no different than our own. All in the name of Jesus, Joseph, Mary, and good old God.

And God forbid other people wear religious headdresses. God is FURIOUS that your Muslim neighbors 12-year-old daughter wears her hijab. She’s obviously being oppressed in the “freest country in the world” as she goes to school, unlike many other girls in her part of the country.

We’re killing each other just in case the people on the other side of the world make our loving Jesus angry by having different beliefs. How dare we, as a race spread across the globe, have varying beliefs and ideologies.

It’s not about making America great again or keeping Jesus in the schools. It’s about the fact that we are killing women like our wives, children the same age as our own with the same brown eyes, and men who are only trying to protect their families, just like us in the west.

We, as a western continent and the human race, need to adjust our morals and think with our instincts instead of our brains for once.

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