BJP claimed-Hinduism to be in Danger!

Monali Sharma
Jan 20 · 3 min read

I’ll leave it on you to fix up the truth.

What do you understand by this?

Anything that one understand?

Have a look into the picture, a direct hit and a clear view for sure!

Well, this was not required!

Weapons won’t help.

Are you the one who is getting into this trap?

If yes, I really feel pity.

One should focus on the right activity at the right time and work on something which doesn’t get your pocket heavy for tax payments. Ruin the subsidiary and pay a hefty amount of all the sources.

(Clear, hai!)

This was supposed to be a view of certain evolutions.

Importance of having a CAB (from that period to the current one) — Open ears and listen to what people actually trying to fix up.

Exploration to its peak!

I’m sure, I will be the one out of 1000 who are trying to be clear with ‘WHY’, ‘HOW’ and ‘WHAT’ not to be done. But I won’t give up, let’s have a CLEAR agenda of doing certain things. Don’t be a culprit, hence, become an individualist in better terms.

(Trust me this won’t cost a single penny)


Not any POLITICIAN member

Not living in la la LAND

Not trying to get more ATTENTION

All I want is a BETTER BHARAT, (rehne do yaar)!

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