How SEO Consultant India Helps in Increasing Your Website’s Traffic?

It is important for any business website to rank on the first page of Google. More than half of the people do not open other pages than the first page. SEO techniques are crucial for any website to grow their business. Right SEO techniques will get your website more search traffic. More search traffic more people viewing your site. More people viewing your site mean more conversion.

These days, some alleged SEO services are being offered on the Web. Sadly, a large portion of these “organizations” convey uncertain outcomes. Superb SEO services are uncommon today since everyone is trying to get into online business promotion. An ever-increasing number of sites are clamoring to get into India best company in terms of search engine rankings. Considering this situation, organizations and private ventures ought to be watchful as they continue to look for an SEO company with the best SEO services.

We all need a few seconds to make a decision that either you want to stay or leave the website. For every online business, their website is the image of the company or brand that they are showing to people. It has to be flawless. Even after making everything perfect, if you are still not ranking on Google then you need to up your game.

New SEO trends are surfacing these days. You need to know these trends that are an important part of any online business to rank higher on Google. Here come SEO services, which aim at making an online presence for your business and of course get a high search engine rank.

Here is the list of techniques you will get when you hire freelance SEO consultant in India that will help you to increase traffic on your website-

1. Conduct an SEO Audit on your website

SEO audit is a standard procedure followed by a website to increase their traffic. This gives an insight into your website. It helps to determine why you are not getting more traffic or no traffic at all. You can check the performance of every page and its overall rankings. SEO audit is best for increasing your website performance and search engine rankings.

An audit should be performed at the beginning of you’re new project or quarter. There are many other aspects that audit can help you to improve like technical aspects of the website, analyze keywords and completion, etc.

2. Make your content more engaging and unique

You can find everything on Google. If you want your post to be read by people then make it informative and easy to read. If people don’t find what they are looking for in your post then they won’t click your link to check out your website. To make your post more readable you can use following tips-

• Make use of shorter paragraphs — using short paras is a great way to keep your reader focused on your content. Limit each paragraph to 4–5 sentences. You can also use one sentence in one paragraph.

• Provide subheadings- Use subheadings in the post so that scanning the article becomes easier.

• Use bulletin points -Use bullets or numbering to expanding different points rather than using one paragraph.

• Add images — Don’t overwhelm your reader by text only. Use relevant images and photos to explain your points.

3. Your website should be search engine friendly

A well-designed website can improve your ranking on search engine and overall traffic. An SEO friendly website includes responsive web design or mobile-friendly website, load time and high-quality content. A responsive website is a mobile friend i.e. it can fit into the browser of mobile devices.

A website should be fast i.e. it should have less load time. People will leave your website and move to another website if your site is slow. Lastly, the content is the king. High quality and unique content help you rank better. All three are included to makes a website SEO friendly.

Your content should be optimized for RankBrain. Google’s third most important ranking factor is RankBrain. With RankBrain you can analyze your search results. It takes in the content of the page and how it is related to the keyword search.

Final thought-

Any affordable SEO services India uses the following techniques to increase the traffic of your site. It is important for any business to hire an SEO expert in India to maximize the potential of your business.

Any legitimate SEO company should be able to show you their past work without any hesitation. The SEO specialist will provide you with a complete case study of their previous works. You can also check out the rankings of the site for the most competitive keywords of their industry to know the credibility of their site. If the company can show you the rankings of their site, it’s safe to work with them. Webstod is a leading provider of SEO services in India. We use paid tools like aherfs and so on to do keywords analysis.

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