Are you one travelling a lot? Time Difference making you mad…

Travelling is fun. But when you travelling to another time zone or shifting to another country with time difference, for a period of time it’s hard to figure out what will be the time back in our native place.

Same happened to me when I shifted to Singapore 2 years ago for work, lot of things changed and one of it was the time difference between my watch and watch of my friends, family at home. There are lot of multi time zone apps available in PlayStore but none was as easy as I wanted them to be. Like it was possible to add widgets on home screen. But what if I am on call or watching a movie or playing a game, I have to go back to home screen to check the time which hinders with whatever I was doing.

This makes me develop this utility app TimeNoti, which makes accessing time as simple as checking a notification. The idea is simple, the desired time zone time will reside in your notification panel just a swipe away.

Add your home or someone special’s timezone time to notification panel, so you don’t have to go back to home or lock screen to check there time to make call, drop message or do something special.

- Choose your desirable time format
- Option to automatic start on change in timezone
- Customizable notification message
- Option to start app on startup
- Add click action to start your favourite app
- Use in app Torch as click action

Usage Notes:
- Update ‘Home time zone’ option in app settings to monitor that timezone in notification panel
- To add Torch, TimeNoti Settings, or other installed application as click action, click ‘Click action’ option in app settings and choose respective app
- For custom notification message, check ‘Custom notification title’ option in app settings; add your desired message in ‘Notification Title’

Also available on Windows Phone from Richard George.

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