Short Road Trip From Delhi For Beginners’!

If you are new to traveling solo or going on a bike trip, there must be many questions going on in your mind. Travelling is one of the best things to experience and when it comes to a road trip getting on a two-wheeler is the best thing to do.

When it comes to one day trip from Delhi, there are many destinations you can consider. Before going on a 4–5 days trip, its best to try out short trips like a breakfast ride, half day ride or a day ride.

If you are new to riding it’s best to pick a bike or scooty which you are comfortable in. You will find many rentals that rent a scooty in Delhi on the hourly or daily basis.

Your fuel cost can go up to Rs1,800 or Rs2,000, this depends on the bike model choices. The total cost might come up to Rs5000 for two days.

Below are places you can explore from Delhi

Morni, 260 km

Damdama Lake, 60 km

Murthal, 60km

Neemrana fort palace, 120 km

Parwanoo, 270 km

Bharatpur, 182 km

Mathura, 144km

Taj Mahal, 202 km

Alwar, 157 km

Kuchesar fort, 84 km

Vrindavan, 142 km

Nuh, 87 km

Karnal, 117kms

You can find many convenient and budget friendly guest houses and hotels around these places. Book your guesthouses in advance because on the weekends the hotels might be full.

Booking your vehicle in advance is the wise thing. The cost of Activa, Wego or Maestro is around Rs300 per day. So rent a scooty in Delhi for Rs600 for two days, this is cost effective and cheaper than renting a bike.

Planning out your trip and marking you’re your pit stops is a good start. Divide the kilometers strategically so that the trip won’t be hectic. Taking breaks in between and keeping a check on your fuel and air will help for your further journey. Always carry light travel things to avoid weight.

If you are alone, look out for yourself and drive safe. If you are going with a group of friends, learn basic sign languages like stop, right turn, left turn, keep going and an emergency sign.

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