Best Java frameworks for all time

Java is one of the most popular programming languages which are in demand nowadays. We have scooped it with a handful of info about the latest trending frameworks used every day by software developers across the globe. Based on the comparison we have explained here about the best Java framework for all time. Each and every concept in given in detailed. Analyze and make difference with the contrast depending on the project along with Spring Hibernate Training in Chennai.

Spring MVC

Spring MVC is an old framework which is used by software developers in this century since its first release. To embrace a complete MVC framework, Spring Training in Chennai which keeps on evolving changes and changed into full-scale framework for Internet-facing applications, software engineers a powerful toolkit for web application configuration and development as well for security. As one of the programmers, spring is a well-developed ecosystem which offers a variety of add-ons from: SOAP web services, REST APIs, security and much more. An additional benefit of this choice is of a big company of fellow developers with a particular Java framework.

Struts 2

To expand on the Java frameworks that are used widely by modern software engineers decided to refer the triumph of Apache’s Struts 1, Struts 2. The Java framework is quite good for engineers who work for contemporary building for Java EE web apps. The Apache Software Foundation with an extensive tool by equipped developers for generating enterprise-ready, optimizing the development process, web-facing applications to the final point and post-go-live maintenance. The concept is the right choice to sweat or over high-load like broadcasting portals. Testing with the correct code takes less effort because of Struts 2.


The mapping of the frameworks in Java cracks object-relational impedance problem by substituting DB accesses high-level object handling functions. Hibernate Training in Chennai equips a great feature which suits and helps back-end developers with fine-tune data layer access. This is an advanced ORM framework which lets you perform operations of Java objects.


As a part of JavaServer Faces, Java EE, oracle supports them. This is one of the best frameworks for speedy developers in Java, which utilize because of documentation delivered by Oracle. In addition, you have to leave the JSF has no external dependencies, Java EE environment, instead many capabilities. Prosperous tools and libraries flatter a magic wand that’s backs you with no matter to complex the applications. Struts Training in Chennai will bring you all the details about the frameworks in Java


The end of web page is rendering using GWT. Vaadin is one of the most familiar uber frameworks for modern developers to select while generating business related applications. It is utilized as the well-known component based approach. The Vaadin burdens off the developers shoulder by interfacing the changes made to the browser. Along with the varied controls and widgets an extensive set of UI components which allow developers to generate applications with no waste of time.


Grails is a particular framework which is a dynamic tool for enhancing engineers’ productivity for opinionated APIs sensible defaults for convention-over-configuration paradigm. Smooth Java integration makes it very special framework as one of the top choices worldwide. This suite a powerful framework like varied plug-ins and Spring-powered dependency injection which offers everything which is needed for generating modern web-based applications.

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