Steal This Content Batching Strategy Blueprint

I have written about the power of having a starting three of social media platforms that work together seamlessly to guide your leads through your marketing funnel to become buying customers or clients.

My recommendations found here will be the bare minimum you need to do with your own processes to see growth.

However, it will be a great foundation for you as a new content creator or a struggling one.

Choose your social media platform roster

Outreach: These are any platforms that push out your content to large numbers of viewers. This is great for visibility and exposure for your content.

Use TikTok as your outreach platform, plain and simple. You don’t have to dance or do anything that you are not comfortable doing on the app.

The 2 things you need to remember as far as content purposes is to entertain and educate.

Value should be your endgame when creating a content strategy.

Post 2–3 times per day minimum when starting out, not just to experiment with your content, but to familiarize yourself with the platform and get experience with creating different types of content until you find out what types you have the most fun creating and which types your ideal audience love to see from you.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Show your face to help with branding and connecting with your audience on a deeper level than hiding your face.


  • Create long form content first and then take clips and snippets from that content to then post to TikTok but in a way that serves your purpose on the app (ex: Take clips of your recorded podcasts and post a segment as a TikTok, Take clips from longer Youtube videos and tease your YouTube video with a clip from the full one)
  • Use text based content you enjoy creating as inspiration and serve as scripts for your TikToks (ex: taking a short tweet and using that to create a hook, taking a thread of tweets to be drafts for the juicy value for your upcoming TikToks)
  • Always focus on TikToks first. They’re short and easy to produce in mass in one sitting, depending on how much time you want to allocate to the creation process.
  • Take inspiration from yourself. Look at your other content and rework them to reach your ideal audience and build an engaged following. Your audience wants you to share your work, your life, your personality, and your takes on things. They care about your opinions and look to you as a role model.
  • Avoid taking inspiration from other people’s content if you lack the experience to build and add your own value to your competition’s content or any other creator’s content in different spaces than yourself.
  • Choose the best days of the week where you can dedicate as much time as needed to shoot, edit, and post your content.
  • Spend your chosen days for TikTok content creation producing enough content for at least one month. You can easily create enough content for an entire year, but if you’re new and learning how to share your best work, start with a month.
  • The time you spend during that week you want to spend making a month’s worth of TikToks will free up so much of your time to create content on your other two platforms on your starting 3 roster.


Nurture platforms are any social media apps that include features that were intentionally designed to give more of the content that attracted your followers to your primary platform page in the first place.

These platforms reward loyalty and can lead to additional conversions to make you money.

Your followers start to see you as an expert in your space through nurture platforms because there are so many ways for you to give them what they want the most from watching content like yours.

They provide both more trigger content and necessary touchpoints to help your followers turn into clients or customers.

I personally am irritated with the lack of reach on Instagram despite the millions of users on the app daily, but I strongly recommend Instagram as a nurture platform because you have reels, lives, carousels, and static image posts as well as one of the genius things Instagram has ever created, the stories feature.


  • If you choose to decrease the number of posts for each of your starting 3 roster platforms or increase numbers on others, you could also use Facebook Groups and Facebook lives.
  • You want one static image post on IG daily, 2–3 reels daily, and to go live for your community once a week.
  • Stories is the only feature where I say to overshare value and personal experiences. There is no limit to how many you should do. Go crazy with this feature to improve your branding, follower relationships, and convert leads.

Search engine:

Search engines are the social media apps where their users are actively looking for specific content.

Unlike other platforms, these social media apps are not considered very social but rather sources of significant value in an easily consumable format.

When you think of the most popular search engine in the world, you think of Google, but Google’s role in marketing will be in a later post.

Google bought Youtube and Youtube is Google but also a social media app.

The other popular search engine is Pinterest. Pinterest is heavily overlooked.


  • Pinterest should be the search engine you choose for your starting 3 roster especially if you don’t have the time to also create and post on Youtube
  • If you want to create on Youtube start with one high quality video posted once every week
  • Optimize your Pinterest and Youtube content to include hashtags and competitive SEO keywords
  • Optimize your profile to include your business mission statement or an individual’s mission statement for content creation (identify your ideal viewers, identify the value you bring or problem you solve, share how your content is unique or provides a unique solution, describe your niche or include some content pillars)
  • Unlimited Pinterest posts because they are so easy to create, especially idea pins. Regular pins are also easy to produce in large quantities.
  • Post the same piece of content across all of your related boards
  • Share other experts’ boards and content with your own as much as possible so you diversify the value and create camaraderie with your fellow Pinners.

Final Thoughts:

If you are a curious entrepreneur and have made it to the end, here’s a special bonus tip in this content batching strategy just for you.

You need a long form content source. Youtube video creation is very time consuming especially if you’re researching and using the best tools around to increase your visibility and grow a following organically.

If you’re a writer at heart (like me!), dedicate your time to a blog. It can be one you host on your own website if you have one or on Medium.

Blogs will get people’s attention in search results because of the features I’ll discuss in another post.

Juicy Takeaway Value from this post:

  • Remember to reuse, recycle, and repurpose your content on repeat.
  • Have fun and create content you want to create with your audience in mind and on platforms that get your goals met.
  • SEO will be the difference maker in your social media growth and your conversion numbers (just look at your analytics and compare different time periods)
  • Choose your starting 3 roster carefully because the wrong choice in the beginning will block you from your success
  • Posts are available in my medium profile to help you with more in-depth coverage of the big topics mentioned in this post including outreach, nurture, and search engine platforms
  • You need some form of video content in your content strategy and you need to be realistic about what you can create by a strict deadline.
  • Use a content scheduling service (Later for Instagram and TikTok, Tailwind for Pinterest, Hypefury for Twitter,etc.)
  • Canva will be your best for tweaking image content to fit other social media formats
  • Youtube videos cannot be scheduled or auto-published by any of the above mentioned services or any services out there right now

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