2006 curation


This image comes from a series of photographs by Lionel Arnaudie, exploring the darker side or celebrity worship and how it destroys their idols. Already the dark and dull colour of the image tells us how celebrity worship is something negative. Using similarity in colour, the photographer seperates the idol from the fans surrounding him. The proximity of the fans are closer to each other than to the idol as well. It allows the idol to stand out among the crowd, telling us how people can be so strongly fascinated with one person they call a celebrity or an idol. Using pathos, the image successfully shows how celebrity worship is destroying not only the worshippers but the idol as well. Seeing the expressions of pain and the implied movement of fighting and struggles to get close to the idol, it invokes a sense of sympathy in us, with the idol in the middle of all the struggle, the pain he feels and yet unable to show it because of the mask. The worshippers are not only hurting themselves, but hurting their idol, in order to prevent people from going through this pain, we want to discourage celebrity worship.

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