On love and life post Valentine’s

Stepped out of the house on the Valentine’s evening to see young and old people carrying bunch of flowers , particularly red roses . Walked across the street to this little cosy coffee shop and got a “cardamom tea” , love the machine-made variety they serve and was sitting in a corner watching everyone . Youngsters walking in with their prospective partners and treating them with tea or coffee or cakes . Everyone so engrossed in themselves trying to make the most of the given day and display their affection . The florist and confectioneries doing great business . But amidst all , alone i sit in a corner wondering what am i doing in this world feeling completely left out .

Let me put it across very simply , this day might be a delight for others but for singles and specially women in their thirties , its the worst feeling ever . Specially if you have closed doors on your partner a week back and have been sitting and sulking alone for days . On stepping out of the house , nothing really seemed to help . The display of affection everywhere were only meant for one’s partner and not for people in general . So eventually you call your single girl friends , post photos and funny valentine quotes on social media , watch a romantic comedy and then go to sleep .

I woke up today , which is a day post Valentines , feeling completely normal . Living in a busy city like Mumbai , no one seems to even care for a hangover of the overwhelming display of love last night at every nook and corner of the city . What a sigh of relief . Couldn’t have felt more normal . This also made me think that these father’s days and mother’s days that we have , where we constantly forget , how a friend who may have lost his or her mother or father might feel . Wonder the relevance of celebrating or naming any particular day like that although i believe life needs to be celebrated and business should bloom , perhaps without hurting anyone’s sentiment .