The Secrets of Little Birds & Children

Early summer mornings are a good place for little birds and little children to meet. If you slow down long enough, you might get lucky enough to witness such a moment. That’s what happened this morning.

The sun was barely awake, and so were we. Early morning air filtered through the back screen door, along with a few gentle rays of rosy light. The meeting place.

The chitter-chatter began with the little bird in the Maple tree on one side of the screen, followed by the chitter-chatter of my little girl in the house on the other. If I didn’t know any better I’d say they’d done this before.

Their playful exchange went on for a several melodic minutes until they both seemed satisfied with their conversation. Then on with their day they went. But not me. I sat in my chair like a stone, eyes closed, waiting for the empty air to fill up again. Nothing. Quiet mornings are overrated.

I can only assume what wise and witty words the little bird shared that morning, but I do know this: there is much to learn about the world when we allow ourselves to be bothered by the sounds of little birds and little children, especially in the early in the morning.

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