Week 3 Online Lecture

Great reference by using the MDA to illustrate power struggles in the data classification process!

How data is classified is actually a reflection of the underlying rhetoric that drives the conservative and paternalistic climate in Singapore. On the other hand, how data representation and classification is being contested is also a reflection of citizen’s demands for change and their increasing knowledge.

I think one of the pertinent issues that can be highlighted through this discussion is the fact that uninformed consumers do not know what they do not know, and therefore are accustomed to accepting these classifications as the truth. The real danger lies in not knowing that other forms of truth exist, making it impossible to challenge the status quo.

How do we get past the problem of information overload when there are so many different versions of the truth, and how do we select which truths we want to subscribe to? Perhaps one way of dealing with the influx of information is to invite members of different fields to contribute to the discussion, to bring in new perspectives so that we become better informed of the underrepresented perspectives that got overshadowed along the way.